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  • Summer 2004 "One Nation Under God" by Catherine Millard. Christian Heritage News, Summer 2004 newsletter. copyright 2004.

    Summer 2003  William Bradford's Life By Cotton Mather; Winthrop's Conclusions on New-England

  • Spring 2003  George Washington - Was he a Deist? 

  • Winter 2002  Ten Commandments 

  • Fall 2002 (Fifty Years in the "Church" of Rome, The Conversion of a Priest by Charles Chiniquy) 

  • Summer 2002 (George Washington - Churchman, Vestryman, Warden) 

  • Spring 2002 (Lew Wallace - Ben-Hur; Christopher Columbus - Christ-bearer) 

  • Winter 2001 (God Bless America - UNITED WE STAND)

  • Fall 2001 (The National Day of Prayer - National Prayer Service;
    Prayer at the Dedication of the Washington Monument)

  • Fall 2001 (Roger Williams - The Genesis Account of Creation)

  • Fall 1998 (Religion and the Founding of the American Republic Symposium) 

  • Spring 1998 (The Impact of Christianity on American History by Sarah Elizabeth Old, 11th grade)

  • Spring 1997 (Christian Influence in Our National Documents by Chad Phelps, 9th grade)

  • Spring 1996 (America's Christian Heritage by Amy Ragan, 12th Grade)

  • Spring 1991 (The Key is Thanksgiving to Almighty God)

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