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"Philosophy of a Smile"

-  A smile doesn't cost anything and produces much.

-  It enriches those who receive it, without making poor those who give it.

-  It lasts only an instant, but its remembrance is something forever.

-  Nobody is rich enough to live without it; nobody is poor enough not to merit it.

-  It produces happiness at home, sustains business; it is a really sensitive sign of

-  Smile gives rest to those who are tired and gives courage to the most discouraged.

-  It can neither be bought nor lent, nor stolen, as it is something which has value
   only when it is given.

-  And if, sometimes, you encounter a person to whom a smile is unknown, be
   generous, give your smile, as nobody needs a smile more than a person who is
   no longer able to give it.

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