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This Is My Story

by Kenneth Goff


About the Author

     The author of this book was formerly a leader in the Communist Party.  He was assigned by Stalin’s agents in the United States to work among young people and help bring about a bloody Red revolution. 

     He fought the church.

     He fought the American way of life.

     He plotted the death of officials and Christian leaders.

     He used a number instead of a name.

     He worked with Red plotters from New York and Hollywood.

     While a Communist he was invited by Eleanor Roosevelt to be a guest at the White House.

     This book tells the inside story of a man who, in repentance, left Josef Stalin to serve Jesus Christ.

Chapter I

My Introduction To Stalin’s Missionaries

     I was born and raised in a conservative southern Wisconsin community.

     While working on a weekly newspaper in 1935, I received­ a letter through the FERA* informing me that I could attend without cost, a “Worker’s *Federal Employment Relief Administration.

School" at the University of Wisconsin. I accepted the offer, went to Wisconsin and enrolled. It was a typical New Deal project, completely Communist controlled.

     We were daily taught in the class rooms how to organize a worker's society. The alleged advantages of a Socialist or Communist system were constantly discussed.  In the evening, students would gather around the piano and sing revolutionary songs, such as “The Internationale.”

   One night, a student invited a group of us to attend a closed Communist lecture. The

meeting was held in the base­ment of the home of a Party member.  The speaker was a young man from New York by the name of Cohen.  He gave a report on th Seventh World Congress of the Communist Party.

     He called us Liberals, and said lwe were like armies without generals, or plans to carry out our campaign.  He siad our hit-and-miss policy would lead the working classes to destruction.  Only by developing trained leadership could we attain the goal of a new world order, or international Communism!

     Cohen declared that the Communist Party was the vanguard of the mases and its membership comprised the generals for the coming revolution.

     During the course of the meeting, he made some remarks against the LaFollette brothers which caused me to protest.  This angred the apeaker.  I was literally thrown out by two husky fellows.  Within a year the speaker and I had become close friends.  We had many laighs over the experience.

     My parents were old-fashioned Christians.  Sunday mornings always found the entire family in Church.  It was a little white frame building.

     Here we barefooted boys would gather with other youngsters around an old coal stove, in one corner, and be taught from the pages of God’s Word.  After Sunday school, we joined our parents for morning worship.  This was usually followed by a picnic dinner on the lawn of the Church.

     There would be all-day services some Sundays, lasting until late in the eveinign.  Then we would start home in the family automobile, under moonlit skies, with my father leading the group in singing such songs as, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” “Shall We Gather at the River?” “In the Sweet Bye and Bye”…and scores of other grand old hymns of the Faith.

     These were the “unbearable” conditions from which the Communist Party was sent into Wisconsin to “save” us.

     Then the day came when the headwuarters of the denomination decided to sell our little old delapidated Church building.  This brought about a change in our lives.  We had to attend Church in town.

     Services were conducted differently there.  The Pastor proclaimed a new faith.  He called it the Social Gospel.  This was the first time I ever heard the validity of the Scriptures questioned.  We were told that many of the Bible stories were mere allegories.  The meetings were quite formal.

     Each Sunday morning the Preacher would march in while the choir sang, “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.”  Then he would make the announcements.  After that, we listened to a canned sermon devoid of spiritual power, anointing and fervency.

     One day, I asked him about some of the things he was teaching.  Without the least hesitation, he disclaimed belief in such rock-ribbed truths as the inspiration of God’s Word, Christ’s virgin birth, the blood atonement and other doctrines of the Faith.  He said we must build a better world based upon the “brotherhood of man.”

     My faith was further attacked in public and high school by the evolutionary hypothesis.  As youngsters, we were told that God had nothing to do with creation…and that the human family evolved from a one-celled animal called the amoeba.

     I had no idea then, that I was being conditioned heart and mind to receive the atheism of Communism in years to come.  Without this background of doubt, it is to be questioned if I would have succumbed to Communism as taught in the New Deal school at Madison.

     When I finished my course in the FERA, I received several invitations to attend Communist rallies.  At one such meeting I was introduced to Gene Dennis, district organizer of the party, stationed in Milwaukee.  He is now its National Secretary.

     Dennis invited me to his office at ll3 East Wells Street.  While there, on May 2, 1936, I joined the Communist Party.

     I signed a membership card which pledged my allegiance tot eh Communist International for the revolutionary overthrow of our government…and in its place, the establishment of a Soviet America.  I then assumed another name so that if my membership book wa ever found, it could not be traced to me.

     I chose lthe alias John Keats and received the number 18-B-2.  The latter was to be used if the Party went underground. 

     I was told that I would not have to give up my religious beliefs.  All they asked was that I read the material on religion as prescribed by Moscow.  An official of the Party later explained with brutal candor, that if I clung to any form of religion, I would die along with all Ministers and Priests of the United States after the revolution.

     Dennis siad:  “Dialectic materialism and religion don’t mix.  Anyone with religious tendencies would be a menace to the Communist State.”

     He gave me a number of anti-religious books to read, in the hope tht I would quickly renounce my faith.  I asked him about the thousands of Modernist Ministers who have defended and furthered the Communist cause.  He replied:  “These liberal chameleons are of great value at present, but once our goal is reached, they will either have to change their belief, or pay the price with their heads along with the rest.”

     Communism was presented to me a “Twentieth Century Americanism.”  Browder and Foster were built up as the Washington and Lincoln of our day.  Large posters were displayed at all mass meetings showing the American flag alongside the Societ flag, with pictures of Browder, Foster, Washington and Lincoln in the background.

     During the Spanish civil war of 1936, the two battalions of American Communists were named after Washington and Lincoln.  It was a common thing to see in our meeting places, large posters of Lenin and Washingon, side by side, draped with the red flag displaying the hammer and sickle.

     I was told that I could deny being a member of the Communist party but never to make any statement damaging to the reputation of the Soviet Union.  It was presented to us as the fatherland of all workers.  We were NOT told, however, that the laboring classes of Russia live in chains of slavery with the last vestige of human liberty abolished.

     I was assigned to the Special Branch of the Party made up of individuals who of necessity had to hide their affiliations.  In some cases, even other members could not know that these particular people belonged to the Party.  This was required because a slip of the tongue could handicap our work with outside groups.

     The Party branches were called units or cells, and usually met once a week to plan their programs.  One member was chosen as a gp-between in reporting activities to the District Organizer and for bringing back his instructions.  Individual members of the Special Branch usually reported directly to the district office for orders.  They were seldom allowed to visit the headquarters together.

    The general membership of the Communist party is never disclosed to the public.  Only a few leaders in each State admit they are members.  These men become mouthpieces for disclosing the stand of the Party on matters of public concern.  The great body of members remains under cover so that no accurate check can be made as to the strength of the organization.  This policy has led many to believe the Party to be weak.

     Reference is sometimes made to the small vote in general elections.  The Party does not allow its power to be shown through votes cast for its Presidential candidates.  It only uses elections as channels for carrying on propaganda to further the destruction of our Republic – the system which gives them the right to vote.

     There are more Communists in Amaerica today than there were in Russia, before the revolution…and in Spain before their civil war.  Since the so-called “dissolution” of the Comintern, Party membership has increased by leaps and bounds.

     Following my induction into the Communist Party, I was sent to the Debs Labor School in Milwaukee.  This was one of the many Communist training centers operating in all parts of the United States.  Such schools are usually located in thickly-populated inductrial sections.  The largest one is in New York State.

     Prior to 1935, students were sent to Moscow for their training courses, which lasted from six months to two years.  After that date, schools were established in the United States wwith half the expenses of maintaining them contributed by the Communist International, and the balance by the local Party.

     These centers of instruction were organized by the late Abraham Markoff, national head of the Communist school system in the United States.  He of course acted upon direct orders from Moscow.  Every such school is a well of ideological poison from which young citizens drink atheistic and revolutionary ideas.

     Earl Browder ways in his book “Communism in the United States,” page 310: “The workers school is that institution where we are providing our leaders with weapons, ideological weapons of Marxism and Leninism, to be used in the mass struggle.”

     George Dimitroff, President of the World Comintern, said: “The mases must be stirred to struggle, and Communist schools must be used to help them grasp the mighty, fertileall-powerful Bolshevik theory, the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.”

     We received instructions every day on how to organize and promote the revolution…how to bore from within existing organizations, and lead them toward the Left.  Gene Dennis told us one evening not to report to school the following day, but to wander around the downtown area of Milwaukee until we received further instructions.  I want down to the main business section the next morning and did some window shopping.

     About 10 o’clock, while gazing in a window, a newsboy tapped me on the elbow and asked me if I wanted to buy a “Milwaukee Sentinel.”  I said no, that I had already read it.  He continued to insist that I purchase one, and I ordered him away.  He then handed me a copy and siad, “Read comrade.”  I took lthe paper and across the top was written in pencil, “Go to Bues Hall.”

     I immediately went there and found many of the comrades had already arrived.  More were coming in every minute.  When assembled, we were told that if the Party ever went underground, it would be necessary to meet this way.  We were instructed how to dismantle and assemble mimeograph machines, to print handbills if the Party was forced to operate secretly.

     Then Gene Dennis gave us the blueprint of how to seize a city when the revolution breaks. 

     At that hour, two large riots are supposed to take place in every city of any size.  Leades of these mobs are to be carefully chosen and trained in advance.  The disturbances are to be of such extent as to require sending large forces of police to lthose areas.  While the authorities are trying to quell these riots, picked bands of Reds are to seize the radio stations and telephone exchanages.  With the aid of their comrades who are employed inside, all communication systems are to be instantly crippled.

     Flying squads of Communists are to seize control of the water supply and shut it off; also the electrical power and gas.  This means that no elevators or street cars are to be running.  Homes would be without water, fuel, or light.  It would be impossible to communicate with friends or loved ones, even in another part of the city.

     Goon squads of professional murderers are to round up the people in business districts.  Men are to be held as hostages in some of the larger buildings.  Women are to be turned over to the mobs to be ravished and raped.

     Thesae are exactly the methods used in Russia, Spain and other places were the Communist Party has been allowed to organize the come to fruition.  They firmly expect to do the same thing in the United States.

     Bridges, subways and street car stations are to be blown up.  Downtown areas are to be isolated from the reast of the city.  Sharpshooters and snipers are to be detailed in taxicabs and vehicles, which are to be taken over, to wipe out the police, soldiers, uniformed persons and known vigilantes.  Smoke bombs properly located in subways, buildings and large stores are to add to the terror of the people.

     This is the day  -  the big day toward which every Communist in America is looking…and for which he is preparing.  His entire training focuses at that point.

     When night comes, the city is to be in pitch darkness.  Murderous bands of reds will roam lthe street, plandering shops and starting fires in old buildings.  This will increase the panic and facilitate the surrender of women, children and old people, who will be held as hostages to hasten the surrender of unarmed men.

     Then as the morning sun casts her first rays on the community, one will be able to see blood flowing in the streets.  This is no idle dream.  The Communist Party is working methodically and with deadly precision toward this objective.  It is now happening in Bulgaria, Roumania, Hungary, etc.  It can happen here.  Unless we distroy theRed menace in America the day is at hand when we shall suffer the same fate as our Christian brethren in Europe.

     Let it be borne in mind that what I shall now say about revolutionary tactics, as planned and plotted by the great conspiracy, comes from inside Party circles.

     We were instructed regarding alternate plans for gaining control of the United States.  These were in the nature of interim objectives, which if realized would only be regarded as stepping stones towards the ultimate goal of Bloodshed and Mob Vioilence.  The following schemes were outlined as temporary targets and measures of expediency:

(l)       To completely saturate the public mind with Red propaganda so there would be such confusion that the democratic system could not possibly operate.   (2)  To set up innumerable front organizations for smearing and ruining before the public, every man or woman of prominence who dared raise a finger against us.  (3)  To promote pacifist groups and have them cry out against wara in order to keep America disarmed while Russia prepared for world conquest.  (4)  To creat unemployment in the United States by “dumping” products produced by slave labor, on the markets of the world.  (5)  To creat a general strike through Communist controlled labor unions thereby paralyzing the Nation and creating waves of mob violence. 

     These are a few of the broad objectives kept before Party members. 

     It is hoped by the Communists that once Russia is able to convert the potential industrial capacity of Europe’s satellite nationals to a productive status, she will, because of lower living and wage standards, produce goods to permanently undersell the United States in Central and South America.  Unemployment will thereby increase because of this loss of foreign trade.

     To further their aim of gaining political control of our Country, the conspirators are setting up numerous political organizations as fronts.  These enterprises have produced results highly gratifying to leaders of the Party in Moscow.  They have as their over-all purpose the final overthrow of the United States Government.  Such groups encompass every phase of American life…and all of them have several things in common – including the condemnation of the froeign policy of the United States and approval of the foreign policy of the Soviet Union.

     When William Z. Foster made his speech in May, 1928, accepting the Presidential nomination as candidate of the Communist Party, he said:

     “Our Party creates no illusions amongst the workers that they can vote their way to emancipation.  The working class must shatter the capitalist state.  It must build a new state, a new government, a workers and farmers government – the Soviet government in the United States.  When a communist heads a government of the United States – and that day will come just as surely as the sun rises, that government will not be a capitalist government but a soviet government, and behind this government will stand the red army to enforce the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

     This is a bold statement, but one hundred percent true as far as Moscow’s designs and Communist Party objectives are concerned.

     We were told that when the Party came into power, a United States of Soviet America would be established…that this Nation would be divided into soviets, with a Commissar over each one.  When such statements were made in our meetings, it was a habit for all of us to rise with clenched fists and sing lustily:

     “We march down the streets with our banner unfurled fighting for bread and the Communist World.  The bosses all quake at the challenge we hurl.  Advance to the U.S.A.A.”

     One comrade would then step forward and ask what was to be done with the religious people of the Country.  We would then quote what comrade Lounatcharski had declared, namely:  “We hate Christians.  Even the best of them must be regarded as our worst enemies.”  All religions are poison.  A fight to the death must be declared upon all religions.”

    Fred Bassett Blair, a local Community Party organizer, told us that we would turn the Churches into workers clubs; and that these clubs would be healthier for workers than a dead religion.

Chapter II

I Become a Number

Instead of a


     After finishing my course in the FERA new deal “Worker’s school” at the University of Wisconsin, I was one of the group regarded as being properly “conditioned” for membership in the Communist Party.

     “In 1935 I received a letter granting me the right to attend a worker’s school to be held in Madison, Wisconsin.  The money was contributed by the United States Government.  We were to attend for six weeks, and all expenses would be paid.

     “During this time we were given mataerial that was rather of the leftish view.  The director of the school, Lucille Cohen, was a left-wind Socialist from New York.  At this school about 80 percent of the young people were either Communists or leftists or fellow travelers.”

     Before my course was completed a man came out from New York to look us over.  His name was also Cohen.  He assured us that we were Liberals in the truest sense of the word. 

     As I write these words, I have open before me a book dealing with Marxism, which Eugene Dennis autographed on the fly leaf:  “To a real friend and comrade – with best wishes, Gene.”

     Perhaps he now feels that I have fallen from grace!

     The Lord Jesus Christ has since saved me from my sins, and I pray that Dennis will come into a like experience, some time before he is called to cross the great divide.

     He has been much in the headlines of late due to an investigation into his affairs by the Committee on Un-American Activities.

     Representative Karl E. Mundt, a member of the Committee, had this to say in a speech before Congress, April 22, 1947:

     “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Eugene Dennis is the general secretary of the Communist Party of America, which makes him either the No. l or the No. 2 official Communist in the country, depending upon whether W.Z. Foster, the chairman of the party is considered by party followers to have more authority than the general secretary.  In eiher event, that man is before you on an incident of contempt of Congress.”

     Referring to the fact that Dennis’ real name is Waldron – Francis Waldron, Mr. Mundt continued:

     We did not know until later just why Mr. Eugene Dennis refused to identify himself by his proper name, but it has since developed that he is a fugitive from justice in california under one of his aliases; that he has been a draft dodger in the United States under one of his numerous names; that he obtained a passport fraudulently under one of his aliases; and, consequently, he was unprepared to reveal his correct name before the committee at that time.”

     As the foregoing debate progressed in Congress, Mr. Mundt and other Representaties, vigorously denounced Attorney General Tom Clark for allegedly failing to prosecute Communists who are known to be law violators.

     “I am sure we all wonder this afternoon what it is that a Communist has, that an ordinary American citizen has not,” said Mr. Mundt, “how is it, for example, that Mr. Eugene Dennis can violate that draft law as he has and be a draft evader with complete immunity, and nobody in the department of Justice prosecutes him for his law violation.”

     At this point, Representative Dondero of Michigan made the following shocking contribution to the discussion:

     “I think the speaker might also add to the list that in wartime, Communists were able to steal a truckload of files of the most secret nature out of the State Department and Naval Intelligence, and were arrested by the FBI, but then were dismissed, with a nominal fine.”

     Mr. Mundt continued:

     “Yes.  The list can be extended as long as a bamboo fishing pole of law violations which have occurred in the last 6 or 8 years in America by Communists, without anybody in the attorney general’s office taking any step whatsoever to punish them.  In fact, it was only after repeated speeches in the well of the House this year that we succeeded in getting the Attorney General to move in on the contempt proceedings which the House of Representatives voted by overwhelming majorities nearly a year ago.”

     Thereupon Representative Smith of Ohio suggested Mr. clark’s impeachment on the charge of coddling Communists.

     As the debate continued, Represenative Marcantonio of New York was the only one who spoke in defense of my former comrade.  Finally, the House voted that Mr. Clark land the Department of Justice would be required to hold Dennis and bring him to trial.

     The party did not send me to a regular Communist school.  I was chosen one of a select group to attend what they called “special class” – at national headquarters, 35 Twelfth Street, New York City.

     Only uninformed and gullible people think of the Communist party like Republicans and Democrats.  The Communist organization can be more correctly thought of as an underground revolutionary army.  It is a cult or secret order into which members are initiated.

     New members, going into a regular school, are ordered first to report at Party headquarters.  They are then blind-folded.  From New York they are driven a good distance from the city into a rural district.  They must remain in camp until their training is finished.  It takes some longer than others to be inoculated with the virus.

     Students cannot write letters telling what they are doing.  Both incoming and outgoing mail is censored.  Letters written by members at camp are carefully scrutinized, then taken to New York for mailing.  All mail from friends or relatives must be sent to the Party office for censorship prior to delivery.

     While in the school, one is denied all contact with the coutside world, except through heads of the organization.  Their expenses are paid and personal matters arranged.  Both sexes attend these schools.  There are no moral restraints.

     My classes at Party headquarters were addressed by such top ranking leaders as Earl Browder, William Foster, Bob Minor, Clarence Hathaway, Ella Reeve Bloor, Joe Curran, Elizabeth Curley Flynn, Ray Hansborough and others.

     These schools were organized by Abraham Markoff on instructions from Moscow.  They are wells of ideological arsenic from which new recruits in the Party consume great draughts of un-American, atheistic and revolutionary poison.

     I still have notes on some of the lectures attended during the early days of my training for leadership in the Party.

     Here are a few words from Earl Browder, explaining the purpose of the secret Communist school system:

     “The worker’s school is that institution where we are providing our leaders with weapons – ideological weapons of Marxism and Leninism, to be used in the mass struggle.”

     He then quoted Georgi Dimitroff, president of the World Comintern, as saying: “The masses must be stirred to struggle, and the Communist schools must be used to help them grasp the mighty fertile all-powerful Bolshevik theory – the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.”

     Browder told my class that young members should fix their dreams on the hour when they would become commissars in a Soviet America.  He told lus to think of the day when filthy democracy would be at an end in the United States, decide what industries we would take over, and prepare ourselves accordingly.

     He said we should never look for victory through the ballot – that Communist triumph could come only by bloodshed and revolution.  We were told to drive steadily toward the day and hour when blood would flow in gutters and make it possible for us to take over.

     I distinctly recall hearing him announce that the “last vestige” of the bourgeois state would be destroyed – and that even small children who had been exposed to bourgeois teaching would have to be put to death.

     Foster was even more violent in his lectures.  He spoke with candor about plans for a “blood baath” in the United States, to precede the dictatorship of the proletariat.  Foster of course was pushed into the background and Browder brought forward during the years of clsoe collaboration between Roosevelt and Stalin.

     When it became apparent that the Country was about to make a right turn, thereby ending the White House-Kremlin honeymoon, the Comintern ordered old “blood and thunder Foster” to again assume Party leadership.

     I have notes on a lecture by Foster instructing us how to fight the R.O.T.C.  we were told to join the organization, learn its secrets, worm our members into positions of authority and be ready to use it in the revolution.

     He gave us instructions on street fighting, explained how to build barricades, and stated bluntly that some students would probably have to kill their parents and other members of the family in the interest of setting up a “Soviet State.”

     Among the most depraved leaders to teach our classes was the notorious Ella reeve Bloor.  I can best introduce her by quoting from House Report 209 of the Eightieth Session of Congress, pages 14 and 15.

     “The Communist Party of America held its first convention from September 1 to 7, 1919, at the headquarters of the Russian Federation of the Socialist Party in chicago.  The call for the meeting, was published in the (Russian) “Nory Mir,” on July 7, 1919, and in the ‘Revolutionary Age’ of August 23, 1919, both being left wing Socialist organs.  It called upon all those who favored an ‘international alliance of the Socialist movement of the United States only with the Communist groups of other countries’ to answer ‘the clarion call of the Third International’…Earl Browder and Ella Reeve Bloor who is now a National Board member, were charter members of the Communist Labor Party.

     Comrade Ella warned the girls of our classes that they had been called to an important task in building a “worker’s society.”  She spoke in glowing terms about becoming “whores of the revolution.”  No racial boundaries or color lines must be permitted, she said.  White girls would be expected at all times to submit themselves to Negroes, Chinese and others.

     “Your body belongs to the Party,” she would shout.  Girls were instructed to “become prostitutes for the advancement of Communism.”  They were ordered to resort to whatever means necessaray for the purpose of enticing men into the Party and committing acts of violence against “this damned democracy.”

     Every organism has a sewer.  The Communist Party is the sewer of the American politic body. 

     Our teachers directed their hardest blows against “Fundameentalist Christianity.”  But I never heard one of them say, at any time, a single word against Modernism.

     In fact they assumed a benevolent attitude toward Modernist preachers.  Eugene Dennis put it this way:  “These liberal chameleons are of great value at present, but once our goal is reached, they will either have to change their belief, or pay the price with their heads along with the rest.”

     A favorite phrase in the classes that I attended was a quotation from Zinovieff who siad:  “We shall vanquish Him from the highest heaven and wherever He seeks refuge, we shall subdue Him forever.”

     Yaroslavesky’s statement, “Remember that the struggle against religion is a struggle for socialism,” was prominently displayed in the literature they gave us to study.  He is president of the “Society of Militant Atheists.”

     The same was true of Lounatcharski’s remark:  “We hate Christians.  Even the best of them must be regarded as our worst enemies.  All religions are poison.  A fight to the death must be declared upon all religions.”

     We were given the most detailed instructions on how to fight the Church.  Only to the degree that Christianity was weakened, could the movement toward revolution become strong and powerful.  The followers of Christ were therefore to be regarded as our worst enemies.  We were given methods for indoctrinating the thinking of both believes and unbelievers with anti-religious theories.

     Our textbooks against religion included “The Origin of the Family” by Frederick Engels and “The Foundations of Christianity” by Karl Kautsky.  Both of these, as well as other titles used, are one hundred percent atheistic.

     Talmudic teachings were hammered into our minds – including the charge that Jesus was born to Mary through an illicit affair with a Roman officer; that Jesus was a Maccabean, who wanted to abolish Roman rule over Judea; that He was a member of the working class and a revolutionsit, and that He practiced free love.

     We were taught that the Romans killed Him for attempting to seize control of the government; that the writers of the four gospels falsified and shaded their writings to accommodate the conditions of their time.

     Paul, we were told, was an agent of Roman capitalism sent out to organize the scattered followers of Christ into an ecclesiastical order for the interests of the state and that the Chruch of Jesus Christ offers opium to the people.

     Dialectic materialism was presented as the foundation of Communist belief.  There is no such thing as soul, according to this teaching.  Everything is material.  The only heaven or hell is what one gets here on earth.  We were told that no appetite should go unsatisfied, whether it be of sexual promiscuity, theft, murder or other base desires.  One should never restrain himself at any point.

     Evenings found the students in dimly lit rooms at national headquarters, engaging in the basest practices that the human mind can imagine.  Negro boys made love to what girls and vice versa.  Anti-religious songs were sung to prove that God could not destroy the revelers.  Strange enough, students thus indulging themselves, had an inward feeling that they were insulting God – despite the fact of denying His existence.

     During these orgies, comrades would sing both in Russian and English, such songs as the Communist hymn of hate called the “Internationale,” the second stanza of which is as follows:

     We want no condescending saviour,

     To rule us from a judgment hall;

     We workers ask not for their favors,

     Let us consult for all.

     To make the thief disgorge his booty.

     To free the spirit from the cell,

     We must ourselves decide our duty,

     We must decide and do it well.

     ‘Tis the final conflict

     Let each stand in his place;

     The International Soviet,

     Shall be the human race.

     Another favorite song used on such occasions went like this:

     Blow the bloody bugles,

     Beat the bloody drums, boys.

     Blow the bloody Boourgeois,

     To bloody kingdom come.

     Build the big bon-fire,

     As high as the big church spire;

     And blow the bloody bastards,

     Higher one by one.

     We would also sing the following blasphemous parody on the Gospel Message of the Lord Jesus Christ:

l.         Long-haired preachers come out every night,

Try to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right;

But when asked about something to eat,

They will answer with voices so sweet:


You will eat by and by, in that glorious land above the sky,

           Work and pray, live on hay,

           You’ll get pie in the sky when you die.

2.        Oh, the salvation army they pray,

They sing and they clap and they play.

When they get all your money on the drum,

They will tell you that you’re a bum.

3.        If you fight hard for children and wife,

Try to get something good in this life,

You’re a sinner and bad man, they tell;

When you die you will sure go to hell.

4.        Workingmen of all countries, unite!

Side by side we for freedom will fight.

When the world and its wealth we have gained

To the grafters we’ll sing this refrain:

              Last Refrain:

You will eat by and by, when you’ve learned to

To cook and to fry,

Chop some wood,  ‘Twill do you good,

And you’ll eat in the sweet bye and bye.

     I had grown up in a Christian family, around a praying fireside.  No matter how much I wa exposed to Communism, even as it exists inside the Party, these righteous home influences could not be discarded.  My conscience continued unbearably active.  God was all the time speaking to my heart.

     I was assigned by national headquarters to duty in District 18 of the Party, which comprises the State of Wisconsin.  It became my special duty to bore into Church groups and youth organizations.

     While engaged in these activities I met a girl comrade, who was working under the alias of Doris kBerger.  She wa a clever and hardened Bolshevik.

     During the boston Store strike in Milwaukee, she had been arrested.  This experience toughened her for more useful work in the Party.  She was exactly the type of fearless, fighting red that any Communist would want for a wife.

     We were married.

     She is the present Mrs. Goff.

     We were socially minded and toiled for th Party.  Both of us were sincere in entering its ranks.  We wanted something better, and desired a solution for the perplexing economic problems of th United States.  But neither of us was quite satisfied in his heart.

     Apologists for Communists try to make out that great freedom exists within the Party.  But when one becomes a member, he soon finds that his life is no longer his own.  He cannot travel from one State to another without the permission of the District Organizer.  Neither can he marry or raise a family without approval.

     Women are forced to have abortions when party leaders decide that the work of the organiztaion is such that the parents should not have children.  Every comrade, male and female, is required to take all problems to the District Organizer. 

     One evening, after Mrs. Goff and I were married, found us together in the kitchen of the place where the Party gave us permission to life.  Looking back, I have no way of explaining what caused me to start singing a hymn larned at home in my boyhood, “Rescue the Perishing.”

     It was the farthermost thing from my mind to chant such a melody, because I was then taking my Communism very seriuously.  My back was turned to Mrs. Goff as I sang the words:

     Down in the human heart,

     Crushed by the tempter;

     Feelings lie buried

     That grace can restore.

     Touched by a loving heart,

     Wakened by kindness,

     Chords that are broken

     Will vibrate once more.

     I heard my hardened Bolshevik wife sobbing.

     The entire episode made me mad.  Communists are not supposed to cry.  I asked what was ailing her any way!

     The tears continued to flow.  She said that she knew in her heart that Jesus Christ was different than the Communists explained;  that He was truly god on our earth; that heaven was real; that Christ could make her life clean and true Christians were the only truly happy people in the world.

     I flew into a rage and told her to forget that nonsense.  I promised that I would never again be guilty of singing such bunk in her presence.

     She refused to listen to me and was miraculously converted a short time later.  It was in the dead of winter and the preacher had to cut a hole in the ice to baptize her.

     I tried to make myself believe she had “gone crazy over religion.”  But I knew better!  Childhood memories came vividly before me.

     She continued to pray for me…and before long those prayers were answered.  And that is the real reason why I left the Communist Party.

                                              Chapter III

                                 My Part in the Conspiracy

                                         I Begin to Know The Big Shots

     The Communist Party is not a party.  It is a revolutionary army within our borders, masked as a political organization.  It is a conspiracy, promoted by a foreign country, for the over throw of our Government.

     We hear it said that to outlaw the movement might drive it underground.  This line of reasoning is defective for the reason that, by its very nature, the Party already operates as an Underground Organization.

     One does not join the Communist Party in the way that he becomes a Republican or a Democrat.  The new member has to be “recruited” – the same term used in joining a military organization.

     As one who worked three years on the inside, I am in position to know that the organization relies upon Deception for promoting its schemes.  Its chief weapon is the lie method.  Truth is alien to its program.

     Jesus denounced the anti-Christ progenitors of the modern Communist movement as follows:

     “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own;  for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

     A person becomes a Republican or Democrat by merely casting a ballot for the candidate of his choice.  But when one is recruited into the red Party, he is compelled to take a rigid course of training in revolutionary technique.  He is immediately assigned to one of a gorup of Communist schools set up for this purpose.

     When his training is finished, the leaders decide where he can best serve the interests of the Party.  Thereupon he is given ana assignment.  He is told what organizations to bore into, with the aim of eventually taking them over.  These may include churches, clubs, civic societies, fraternal groups, political bodies land others.  It is a known fact that Communists even occupy some pulpits.

     After completing my courses at the Debs Labor School of Milwaukee, and “special classes” in New York national headquarters, I was made a member-at-large.  This wa a highly confidential and important post.

     The Congressional Record of April 16, 1947 contains a factual statement regarding this phase of the Communist program on page A-1812:

     “Members-at-Large:  Those active in strategic positions where a Communist label would be disadvantageous are affiliated as Membes-at-Large so that they do not have to meet with any unit or branch of the Party and can, therefore, work in front organizations and church groups and not be known as members of the organization.  Among such Members-at-Large have been Kenneth Goff, alias John Keats, former member of the National Committee of the Young Communist League, and Edward Strong, a member of a special branch, and head of the Southern Negro Youth Congress, which the Young Communist League surreptitiously controlled.”

     Church people need to be alerted to red tactices for boring into their denominations.  The Committee on Un-American Activities of the House of Representatives, has something to say on this subject, in its report to the first session of the Eightieth Congress:

     “Penetrating Religious Groups:  those who deal with Communist youth organizations are frequently deceived by the number of religious organizations apparently represented.  Religious groups are notoriously naïve and easy prey for the young Communist power politicians.

     “Every young Communist is instructed as a first step to join a mass organization such as YMCA, YWCA or a church, a trade union or a student group.  With religious groups the jCommunist stategy is to speak in terms of Christian principles but actually to exploit them, to establish contact and use them for Communist propaganda, often with considerable success.

     “Out of a total of 52 members of the National council of lthe American Youth Congress, 22 have been identified as Communists.  This list is given here for the purpose of indicating the technique employed whereby they appear not a Communists, but as the representatives of religious and other respectable groups.

     The following list of names and organizations were then published in the Committee’s report to Congress:

     William Hinckley, Christ Episcopal Church, Mo.

     Irma Garner, South Side Settlement House.

     Howard W. Lederer, Ninety-second Street, YWCA, New York City.

     Elizabeth scott, St. James Presbyterian Church, New York City.

     Rose Terlin, student secretary, student division, YWCA.

     Hazel Lehman, Youth Forum and Commonwealth Federation, Washington.

     Robert Clemmons, Epworth League, Cleveland, Ohio.

     William Dorsey, City-wide Young People’s Forum, Baltimore.

     Bert J. Dusykowski, Central Committee of Polish Youth, Milwaukee.

     Kenneth Goff, Wisconsin Townsend Clubs.

     Florence V. MacDonald, Wisconsin Young People’s Conference.

     Harold lPeterson, Minnesota Junior Farmer-Labor Association, Minneapolis.

     It is Communist strategy to prostitute the names of prominent persons, as well as to bore into reputable groups.  In pursuance of this policy, numerous front organizations have been created, bearing names of persons serving in advisory capacities, printed on

imposing leatterheads.

     Some people have been innocent dupes, roped in by designing propagandists.  Others are well known in Party circles to be friens and supporters of the red cause.

     Take Eleanor Roosevelt for instance.

     As a member of the Communist Party and an official in the Young Communist League, I never regarded the former first lady as being other than a secret friend and supporter of our program.

     As recently as April 23, 1947, she was vociferously praised in a speech by Helen Gahagan Douglas, the Congresswoman from Hollywood, wife of the Jew Melvyn Hesselberg, known as Melvyn Douglas, as follows:

     “I say that Eleanor Roosevelt, and those like her who have walked down through history with light around their heads, are the true disciples of Jesus Christ and the true practicing Christians.”

     We will agree that this is eloquent language, but I have often heard Mrs. Roosevelt praised, in terms equally flattering within the secret circles of the Communist Party.

     I gae some three hundred pages of testimony before the Dies Committee explaining the inner workings of the Party and its tie to the Third International.  But none of my disclosures were more important than the sections that related to Mrs. Roosevelt’s fraternization with the Young Communist League and the American Youth Congress.

     This matter was covered in part by my testimony of October 9, 1939, which ran as follows…reprinted from the government records:

     “The Chairman.  The Committee will come to order.  You may proceed, Mr. Matthews.

     “Mr. Matthews.  Mrs. Chairman, we have a number of documents that have to do with the American Youth Congress of which the witness has already testified he wa a member of the National Committee.

     I should like to have you identify a list of th National Council of the American Youth Congress in order to have them incorporated in the record.

      Mr. Goff, is that the list (handing list to witness).

      Mr. Goff.  Yes; that is the National Council.

     Mr. Matthews.  On this council the National chairman is listed as William Hinckley, representing Christ Episcopal Church, Missouri.

     The Chairman.  He is a member of the Communist Party?

     Mr. Matthews.  He is a member of the communist Party.  The Executive Secretary is listed as Joseph Cadden, representing the National Student Federation of America.  He is identified as a Communist.

      The Chairman.  Is it not a fact that Hinckley managed in some way to get an invitation to Hyde Park and was entertained there?

     Mr. Goff.  Yes; he had tea at Eleanor Roosevelt’s house one day.

     The Chairman.  Where others invited to that tea?

     Mr. Goff.  Yes, I think there were four or five leaders.

     The Chairman.  All lmembers of the Communist Party?

     Mr. Goff.  Yes.

     The Chairman.  When was it that this tea was given?

     Mr. Matthews.  That was the summer of 1938.

     Mr. Goff.  It was at the time of the pilgrimage, or preparation for the World Youth Congress.

     The Chairman.  Did they not brag about it afterwards?

     Mr. Goff.  They bragged about having tea at Eleanor Roosevelt’s house.

     The Chairman.  It gae them added prestige in their work, in that front organiztion; the fact that they had had tea with the President’s wife helped them considerably!

     Mr. Goff.  Yes.”

     For Mrs. Roosevelt to entertain officials of our organization in her home, was tantamount to endorsing our principles.  At least it was so regarded by the Communist Party and a large section of the public.  I know we found it easier to line up new members, among young people, after we were invited to the Roosevelt home at Hyde Park, and to have tea in the White House.

     While giving my testimony before the Dies Committee, I placed in the record an address by O. Kuusinen, delivered at the Seventh World Communist Congress in Moscow, which stated in part:

     “We want to attack our class enemies in thereat, when they start the war against the Soviet Union.  But how can we do so if they majority of the toling youth follow not us, but the liberal chameleons?

     “We often repeat the slogan of transforming the imperialist war into a civil war against the bourgeoisie.  In itself, the slogan is a good one, but it becomes an empty and dangerous phrase if we do nothing serious in advance to create a united youth front.

     We need a revolutionary youth movement at leasat ten times as broad as our parties, and a unied youth front hundreds of times broader still.  That this is entirely possible, in many countries, is shown by the achievements of our French and American youth comrades.

     In these organizations, our American young comrades have discovered a large number of functionaries and cadres who are prepared to fight side by side with the Communists against reaction, and in the course of not quite a year, the Young Communist League in the United States has succeeded in creating 175 fractions in these mass organizations.

     Comrades, these are only a few – not all – of the positive experiences gained by the Young Communist League of the United States, in course of the work recently carried on by our American young comrades.

     This shows the kind of an outfit that Mrs. Roosevelt entertained at Hyde Park.

     The so-called “Friends of Democracy,” headed by L.M. Birkhead, was just getting started back in those years – the late thirties.

     We of the Party were told to expect great things from this group.  Birkhead’s record of cooperation with the Party in Kansas City was explained to us.  He was presented as a useful “friend,” whose objectives were regarded as identical with those of the Party.

     As I write these words, a grand jury investigation of Birkhead, his associates and the Friends of Democracy, is just getting under way, in New York City.  Perhaps I cannot do better in this regard, than quote from a Chicago Tribune editorial of May 15th which says:

     Magistrate Peter M. Horn of New York has done well to order a grand jury investigation of the aggregation of high-binders parading as Friends of Democracy.  The inquiry is long overdue.  It has been ordered now because the organization’s National Director, the Rev. Leon M. Birkhead, has been caught in one of the libels he perpetrates incessantly in pursuit of his vendettas.  Birkhead’s racket has been operating for eleven years.

     His principal associated poison penman is a bearded writer of ‘whodunits’ named Rex Stout, who was a member of the original executive board of the Communist New Masses, and a character with a penchant for aliases, Avedis Derounian, more commonly known as John Roy Carlson.

     Derounian was the author of a book called ‘Under Cover,’ a wilderness of lies and libels.  On the losing end of one of several libel actions, Derounian heard himself characterized by federal Judge Barnes in Chicago, as a congenital liar who would do anything for a dollar.

     All in all, the combination has a fat graft.  The grand jury should be interested not only in discovering the dimensions of the take, but in exploiting the motives of the smear campaigns, and the identity of those who evidently think they stand to benefit sufficiently to pay for them.

     Having engaged in this educational work, the grand jury can then proceed with its other mission of returning the indictments which will send Birkhead, Stout and Derounian to the penitentiary for the many criminal libels they have employed in their dirty business.”

     Death did not rid the White House of the Roosevelt family too soon, for the the good of our Country.

     Many things served to sicken me with the Party while I was yet a member.  The greatest incentive to a change in attitude was the conversion of my wife.  I had been advocating world revolution…and now a complete revolution was taking place in my soul.

     I was day and night conscious of Mrs. Goff’s prayers.

     I followed orders one night and delivered a street corner speech against Fascism and Nazism.  I shouted: “Down with Fascism.  Kill Hitler, Kill Mussolini.”  While I was yet speaking, a comrade stepped up, tapped me on the shoulder and said:  “Don’t say that any more, Keats.  Russia and Germany have signed a pact.  The Party line is changed.  Go to headquarters and get the latest dope.”

     I felt like a fool.  One minute I was supposed to hate Hitler.  The next minute I was supposed to love him…all because a handful of men in the Kremlin said so!

     The record says:

     “In other words, you found that the things you were supposed to do were things that were dictated to you from some other source, and that it was a case where you were in conflict with your own conscience completely!

     Yes, sir.

     Were you also impressed with the fact, sa time went on, that those changes in the Party line were matters that not only did not always allow your own conscientious views, but werer also dictated from outside your own country!

     Yes, sir.

     Did that have an influence with you?

     Yes, sir; it bothered me because, in the first place, I lnever found the party giving both sides.  There was a question of a lot of things in regard to the Societ Union, and I wanted to hear both sides of the story.  They would not let me go there and look around fdor myself.  I asked them, when I wanted to go there, if I could go around and find out things in Russia, but they said, ‘You will have to take the charted course like everybody else.’”

     Although I had inwardly renounced the Party several weeks in advance, I waited to announce my resignation while testifying before the Dies Committee.

     I wanted to make my stand count for as much as possible.

     My task completed, I left Washington and began my journey home.  Every time the train stopped in a large city, newsboys came through the coaches and I would see my story on the front page.

     It is impossible to describe my feelings.  The Communist Party was the consuming factor of my life.  I had resigned, gone over to the enemy, and publicly exposed the innermost secrets of the conspiracy.  I was warned in advance that if I ever made such a move, it would mean my death.

     Today, I bear marks in my body which prove that my former comrades tried to make good their threat.

                                                         Chapter IV

                                                      I Provoke Revolt


                                                    Negroes and Aliens

          I see from Press reports that Eugene Dennis, my former mentor in the Communist Party…the man who recruited me into the organization in 1936, ansd gave me the alias John Keats, has been sentenced to prison.

     By an interesting paradox, six of the twelve Washington jurors who found Dennis guilty, were negroes.

     This must have been a hard blow, because the Communist Party – of which he is General Secretary, has for years councentrated their kpropaganda unon the negro population of the United States.

     We were told in Party circles that the negro was to be robbed of his religion…organized into shock troops to do the dirty work, and bear the brunt of the street fighting, when the revolution came…and to be encouraged toward acts of violence, particularly rape, as the Nation became more and more sovietized by propaganda.

     Sheer duplicity promps the Party to choose a negro to run for Vice President, from time to time, on the Communist ticket.  I know lwhat the leaders really think of the black race!

     Considerable progress has been made in generating hatred for Christianity and democratic government among negroes.  Langston Hughes, the negro poet, is an example.  His song “Goodbye Christ,” symbolizes a trend, and illustrates what Communism is accomplishing, to an alarming degree, among the members of his race.  The words go as follows:

Listen, Christ,

You did all right in your day, I reckon –

But that day’s gone now.

They ghostted you up a swell story, too.

Called it the Bible –

But it’s dead now.

The popes and the preachers’ve

Made too much money from it.

They’ve sold you to too many

Kings, kgenerals, robbers, and killers –

Even to the Tzar and the Cossacks,

Even to the Rockefeller’s Church,

Even to the Saturday Evening Post.

You ain’t no good no more.

They’ve pawned you

Till you’ve done wore out.


Christ Jesus Lord God Jehovah,

Beat it on away from here now.

Make way for a new guy with no religion at all –

A real guy named

Marx Communist Lenin Peasant Stalin Worker ME –

I said, ME!

Go ahead on now,

You’re getting in the way of things, Lord,

And please take Saint Ghandi with you when you go,

And Saint Pope Pius,

And Saint Aimee McPherson,

And big black Saint Becton

Of the Consecrated Dime.

And step on the gas, Christ!


Don’t be so slow about movin’!

The world is mine from now on –

And nobody’s gonna sell ME

To a king, or a general,

Or a millionaire.

Goodbye Christ, good morning Revolution!

     Negroes who have been exposed to the Moscow virus are all familiar with the name Eugene Dennis.  The fact that members of their race served on the jury that convicted him, will have a wholsome effect.

     Speaking of Dennis…let me say that information regarding his close connections with the Kremlin, came to me while I was active in the Party.  I learned that he and Stalin were warm personal friends.  In fact Dennis discussed with me some of the secret exchanges, that passed between himself and the dictator.

     This will be made clear as I proceed.

     The winter of 1936 and ’37 was a momentous period for the international Communist Party.  It was engaged in civil war, within the borders of Spain.  Party members throughout the worl were instructed to cooperate in recruiting an International army.

     A place was made on every agenda, of Party meetings in the United States, for the discussion of Spain.  Official Washington approved the procedure.  The Germans gained the everlasting animosity of President Roosevelt when they sent armed forces to help on the side of France.

     Every comrade had to take a physical examinaiton, by a Party doctor, to determine whether he was fit for military service overseas.  This confirms the fact that the Communist Party if NOT a party.  It is rather, an underground, revolutionary army, representing a foreign power.

     Dennis instructed me and other member of the Milwaukee branch, that in the event of being sent to Spain we were to learn every method of street fighting, to qualify as officers when the revolution would break in our American cities.

     Thousands of American comrades were assigned to duty in Spain, with the two International Division – the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the George Washington Brigade.

     During this period, a change tood place in the Party leadeship of Wisconsin.  Joe Stalin personally ordered Dennis to Spain, with instructions to send his reports directly to the Kremlin.

     This instantly elevated our Wisconsin leader to a place of supreme importance in the thinking of all American camrades.

     Practically all party members, sent from the United States to participate in the Spanish civil war had to be smuggled out of the Contry.  They encountered no opposition from New Deal departments at Washington.

     Wisconsin comrades were equipped with fake kpassports obtained under aliases.  My father-in-law’s apartment became the clearaing hous for this illegal practice.

     These were picked up daily by Dorothy Hartman, alias Doris Berger, whom I later married – and whose conversion was ultimately responsible for my acceptance of Christ and complete repudiation of Communism.

     Dorothy would deliver the passports to Party headquarters at Milwaukee, where they were assigned to those ordererd to Spain.

     The enlistees were then sent to New York, where they embarked for France.  There the Blum government gave them arms, after which they were smuggled through the Pyrenees Mountains under cover of darkness.  Many never came back.

     Those who returned were made heroes at specially planned home comings.  Elaborate parties were given them at New York.  Here the most brazen experiences in sexual promiscuity, ever produced by human degeneracy were publicly related.

     Unde rthe influence of liquor, these returning soldiers of the revolution poured out to gleeful listeners, their unspeakable, barbaric adventures in Spain.

     They told of raids on convents, where every woman would be repeatedly raped by alternating red beasts until dead.  Then their bodies would be piled high, like cordwood, in public places.  After being swathed in oil, the torch was applied, and the stench of burning flesh became a sweet odor to the nostrils of these half-crased Communists.

     Returning comrades told of their vandalistic destruction of church property.  I shall never be able to erase these horrible strocity stories from my memory.  Would to God that I could.

     Such meetings were held behind carefully guarded, closed doors.  Only Party members were treated to these sadistic demonstrations, called “home comings.”

     When Dennis left for Spain, his position was filled by an oldtime revolutionist from Russia, who went under the name of Ned Sparks.

     This man remained in Wisconsin until the close of World War II…after which he was assigned to the Los Angeles area.  Southern California is regarded by Moscow as being one of the most important parts of the country, because the Hollywood brand is there.

     Lenin understood the propaganda value of films and this faact prompted him to say: “of all the arts, the movies is for us.”

     Hollywood is a vital nerve center for the Communist program of the United States.  The greatest single contribution for carrying on the revolutionary struggle originates at that point.  Communism and the motion picture industry grew to adulthood together in this part of the world.

     Time and again, I have sat in secret meetings where red strategy was being mapped, and observed exactly where and how Hollywood fitted into the projects under consideration.

     Lenin gave specific orders that the American tentacle of the international communist Party was to utilize the movies as a revolutionary weapon.  These instructions have never been forgotten.  The “right people” have always been kept at the heart and core of the industry.

     Part membership is, of course, a secret.  I was, for instance, a “Member-at-Large” – which meant that I was anot obliged to discuss my connections with the movement to anyone except immediate superior officers.  Moreover, the system of assuming fictitious names, makes it difficult to ferret out Party affiliations.

     But we were told that nearly a third of all actors and actresses had connections in one way or another, with the red underground.

     I feel the necessity of digressing at this point, to invite the reader’s attention to a section of a report filed with Congress by the Committee On Un-American Activities, June 6, 1947.

     The document was prepared by the sub-committee of the Committee, charged with investigating Communism in the motion picture industry.  After explainingthat testimony was taken at Hollywood and other places…and after discussing some of the things that came to light, this group of Congressmen list seven conclusions as follows:

     “(1)  That scores of screen writers who are Communists have infiltrated into the various studios and it has been through this medium that most of the Communist propaganda has been injected into the movies.  These writers belong to the Screen Writers Guild, where has a membership of some l,300 and which, according to the testimony of competent witnesses, is under the complete domination of the communist Party.  These writers receive anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per week.

(2)    That some of the most flagrant Communist propaganda films were produced as a result of White House pressur, during the Roosevelt regime.

(3)    That Communist screen writers, directors, and producers have employed subtle techniques in pictures, in glorifying the Communist system and degrading our own system of Government and institutions.  (The subcommittee was furnished with a complete list of all the pictures which have been produced in Hollywood in the past 8 years which contain Communist propaganda and degradation of American institutions.

(4)    That the National Labo Relations Board has given great aid to the Communists in

Their efforts to infiltrate and control the motion picture industry.

(5)    That up until recently, there has been no concerted effort on the part of studio

Heads to remove the Communists from the industry, but that in fact they have been successful in injectingr in numerous pictures which have been produced in the last 8 years.

(6)    At the present time there is a rebellion whin the industry on the part of a number

of top actors, dirrectors, and producers who are refusing to play, direct, or produce pictures that contain Communist lines, or which were written by a well-known Communist, or in which well-known Communist actors have been given a role.

(7)    That the Communists have succeeded in preventing certain good American

which ought to glorify America and the American system, from being produced.

     After our marriage, Mrs. Goff and I moved to her parent’s apartment house on the east side of Milwaukee.  This led to a peculiar incident which I wish to relate.

     In the summer of 1937, an apartment in my father-in-law’s house was vacated.  I obtained it for a Jewish communist, Leon Kaplan and his wife.  He was at that time in charge of the Young Communist League for the State of Wisconsin.

     They proved themselves to be impossible tenants.  They caused disturbances that irritated everybody in the building.  What was worse, they insisted on breaking the health rules of the city, thereby getting Mrs. Goff’s father into difficulties with the authorities.

     Finally it became necessary to ask them to move.  To my certain knowledge, the notice was courteously served.  But Kaplan insisted on starting an argument.  One word brought on another and my father-in-law used the appellation, “Jew.”  Blows were exchanged and Kaplan got the bad end of the bargain.

     Another comrade by the name of Paul Herve, and I, viewed the entire disturbance.  We refused to take sides.

     The following day we were colled before Fred Bassett Blair, the Milwaukee County Party Organizer, and subjected to some pretty rough treatment.  We were accused of anti-Semitism for failing (as Blair said) to “beat up” Mrs. Goff’s father.  We were given to understand that Jewish interests were to be put above everything else, without questions being asked!

     I was comparitively new in the Party at that time and had a lot to learn.  So then and there, I took a stand on a most sensitive question, where the logic was definitely on my side.  But lthe audacity that I exercised was distined to eventually bring me into bad graces with certain leaders.

     I asked plainly why it was that Jewish comrades were allowed to hold secret caucuses, with no Gentile being permitted to attend.  I wanted to know what went on behind those closed doors.  I inquired why negroes and other races were not permitted to hold such caucuses.

     The only answer I could get…was that it had always been done.

     Just as Jewish groups within the Party, are granted this special privilege for the purpose of controlling local situations, so also, the same racial power predominates throughout the red movement from top to bottom.  Every student of Communism, who goes to be heart of the issue, eventually makes this discovery.  It is a fact that cannot be sidestepped.

     I have no way of knowing how Major Robert II Williams of the Army Intelligence gained access to the secret documents quoted in his amazing report on the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.  But I am in position to know that he is on solid ground.

     When he refers to this gestapo as promoting “The world Communist Offensive,” he is not engaging in a mere play upon words.  He is dealing with something that every man and women inside the Party thoroughly understands.

     On page 23 of his document, Major Williams says:

     “In my intelligence research I had learned from documents and authentic excerpts from documents gathered from numerous sources, that the Russian Communist government was still under powerful Jewish influence; also Jewish soldiers from Russia and Poland in the U.S. Army told me something of this power.”

     The Major has evidently done some careful checking on Louis Levine, national chairaman of the Jewish Council of Russian Relief.  He says:

     “Levine paid an extended visit to Russia last summer and came back hysterical in his enthusiasm for the Soviet regime.  He reported before an audience provided by, and I believe sponsored by, leading Jewish organizations and publicists of Chicago.  The heart of these group gatherings appears to be the Anti-Defamation League.

     In an article in the November, 1946, issue of Soviet Russia Today, Levine wrote:  ‘Special concern for the Jewish people has characterized the Soviet Union since its birth in the 1917 Revolution.  A week after tsarism was overthrown, the infant socialist government, headed by Lenin, legally abolished national oppression, making it the first country in the world to declare anti-Semitism a crime…every manifestation of Anti-Semitism was fought openly and sternly.’

     “Levine then describes expansively his 6,000-mile trip inside the Soviet Union, going wherever and whenever he pleased without surveillance – a rare concession, made not even to our ambassadors.”

     To economize on space, we shall skip over much that Major Willliams says about Levine, and quote again farther down in the report.

     Levine wrote of meeting world-famous Jewish surgeons, a Jewish general, and many other high government officials of Jewish origin.

     He went much stronger than that in Chicago, (on the 12th floor at 32 West Randolph Street) on the night of October 30, 1946, saying that many of the high ranking government officials were Jewish, and explaining one of the devices which, I believe, has kept the Russian people themselves in the dark as to the extent of Jewish control over them:  Many of the Jewish officials did not look Jewish, but they spoke to me privately in Jewish or Yiddish!”

     Then the Major says something that I know to be one hundred percent true:

     “This undoubtedly is the real secret behind the iron curtain – the power of the highly organized, utterly ruthless Marxist Wing of Russian Jewry.”

                                                             Chapter V

                                                       The Call of Christ

     I resigned from the Communist Party on October 9, 1939 – the day I first appeared before the Committee on Un-American Activities at Washington.  Representatie Martin Dies was the Chairman at that time. 

     After finishing my training in revolutionary methods at the communist school of Milwaukee and Party headquarters in New York City, officials appointed me a “Member-at-Large.”  This meant that I had to be ready to accept assignments any time to work in whatever group the leaders might decide.

     Because I came from a Christian family, it was my special duty to bore into Churches, perverting as many believers and religious bodies as possible.

     I served the Communist Party with fanatical zeal for several years.  No member can call his soul his own!  Every detail of his life is rigidly regulated.  This applies to both mind and body.  My whole being was consumed with Party interests.

     The day a man or woman becomes a Communist, that day the victim steps into a strait jacket.  Wives are not even allowed to give birth to children, without the consent of the district organizers.  For this reason abortion is a common practice.

     My wife’s acceptance of Christ, was making a deeper impression upon me in 1939, than I rtealized at the time.  Her prayers were beginning to tell!

     Finally, I joined her in the Faith…first inwardly, and later by public profession.

     I had long since become disillusioned by the Party program.  There no longer remained any question in my mind, as to the true objectives of the organization.  Far from wanting to better conditions for working men, I had learned from the inside that the real purpose was to bind them with chains, thereby making slaves and serfs of the laboring classes.

     I knew that the lowest standard of American laborers were better than the highest standards of the Soviet Union. 

     When the full force of this realization descended upon me, I felt as though the bottom had dropped out of everything.  I saw that I had played the fool.

     It was under these circumstances that I read one morning, about Mr. Dies coming to Chicago.  I immediately collected a quantity of material together, including a large amount of documentary evidence regarding the inside operations of the Party, that I knew would interest Government investigators.

     Early the next day I knocked at the door of Mr. Dies’ suite in the Palmer House…only to be politely informed by a subordinate, that he was too busy to see me.  I confess to a degree of nervousness, because I knew the danger of carrying around a briefcase full of Communist documents on the streets of Chicago.

     Had I been caught, Party comrades would have murdered me.

     I decided to remain in the hotel, rather than risk returning to the street.  Every Communist is a spy, spying on another spy.  The average red will lick the boots of the officer above him.  Advancement frequently comes by squealing on somebody.

     I got what I wanted, an interview with Mr. Dies.

     He saw that I was sincere.  He also attached great importnace to the information that I possessed.  My beak with the Party came as a blow to the organization…because (l) of what I knew about its illegal operations, and (2) the fact that my resignation was so widely publicized.

     In addition to my Party affiliation, I was a member of the National Committee of the Young Communist League – a position of importance in the red movement, because of the League’s close connection with the Kremlin in Moscow.

     The following excerpt from my testimony before Congress leads up to a vital matter.

     Mr. Whitley.  Mr. Goff, will you explain to the committee the relationship between the Young Communist League, in the United States, and the Young Communist International?

     Mr. Whitley.  The program?

     Mr. Goff.  The program of the Communist Internation.

     Mr. Whitley.  This is the program of the Communist International, Mr. Chairman.  Mr. Goff, is this the program which has been adopted and is used by the Communist Party of the United States?

     Mr. Goff.  That is right.

     Mr. Whitley.  You are positive of that?

     Mr. Goff.  I am sure of that.

     Mr. Whitley.  Mr. Chairman, this is the program which Mr. Browder in his testimony stated, I believe, was not the official program of the Communist Party of the United States.

     Mr. Goff.  This is the foficial program, and under section 35 it reads:

     “The International League of Communist Youth, Communist International,

     is a section of the Communist International with full rights and is subordinate to

     Executive Committee of the Communist International.”

     Mr. Whitley.  Insofar as the actual control and direction of the Young Communist

League in the United States is concerned, it is subject to the domination of the Communist International.

     Mr. Goff.  That is right.

     The foregoing information is important, at this particular time, because an organization known as the Ameican Youth For Democracy, is operating on school and college campuses, in all parts of the United States.

     The AYD protests loudly that it is not Communist.  This is in keeping with the Party line.  Their protestations are false…for the reason that the Young Communist League held a special convention in New York City, October 15, l943 and voted to change its name to American Youth for Democracy.

     The organization must be eventually broken up and abolished, in the interests of rescuing the Republic from the tentacles of the Moscow octopus.

     The conditions under which I submitted my resignation are suggested in the transcript of the testimony, given before the Committee on Un-American Activities…October 9, 1939.  The record says:

     Mr. Whitley.  Mr. Goff, do you plan to resign from the Young Communist League and the Communist Party?

     Mr. Goff.  I do.

     Mr. Whitley.  Following your testimony here?

     Mr. Goff.  I have my resignation here (indicating document).

     Mr. Whitley.  You have your resignation prepared?

     Mr. Goff.  Yes.

     The Chairman.  I think it would do well to have him give his reasons for testifying.

     Mr. Whitley.  That is incorporated in this resignation.

     The Chairman.  Very well.

     Mr. Whitley.  I will read this resignation of Mr. Goff’s.

     To the Young Communist League and the Communist Party:

     Three years ago, like many other young Americans, I entered your party and movement, believing that your aims were for the bettering of America, both economically and socially, and that you were the true defenders of democracy.

     After three years’ work in your movement, I have come to the conclusion that joining your party, was the greattest mistake of my life.  You have proven to me by your teachings and actions that your aims are not for the bettering of America, but are for furthering your own selfish ambitions and those of your fatherland in the Union of Societ Socialist Republics.

     Had your aims been true and for the best interest of our Nation, you would not have to call upon your father and high priest, Joseph Stalin, for every move you make, but would have found your leadership here in the United States of America.

     Many of your members have come from foreign shores to our land to escape oppression, but like termites, do not become members of our household, but gnaw at the pillars of our democracy with hopes that it will crumble, that you might profit by its fall.

     You shout to high heaven, your praise for the Bill of Rights and all it stands for, yet in your own party, you pry into every member’s private life, and see to it, with all your power, that he cannot live a life of his own.

     Yes, your speakers rave for hours about the mad dogs of Fascism and how your fatherland, the Union of Soviet Socialist republics and its leader, Josef Stalin, are th greatest bulwark against Fascism and defender of democracy, and while these words are yet wet upon your lips, the Red Army of the fatherland, and your beloved peace leader, Joseph Stalin, join hands in accord with Adolf Hitler, one of the biggest Fascist leaders, and one of the the greatest enemies of democracy in our times, and together they destroy Poland and bring little Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to their knees.

     Yes, all this your fatherland does, in the name of peace and democracy.  But do you who have the protection of a democracy, tell your fatherland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, that you do not approve of the action taken by the Red Army in the conquest of Poland?  No!  And by these and many other actions you prove, that you and your organization, are no more than puppets dancing on the strings pulled by Joseph Stalin and the Comintern.

     Because of your un-American ways and your lie of your so-called defense of democracy, I hereby submit my resignation from the Young communist League and the Communist Party, to take effect immediately.

     I shall take my stand with those who are fighting for real Americanism and democracy.  I know that this is a long and bitter fight, and I am enlisted for the duration of the war.

                                                               Yours truly,

                                                                (signed) KENNETH GOFF

     This done, I left Washington for the home of my parents in Wisconsin.  My wife approved the stand I had taken.  Her interest in the red Fascism ended when she accepted


     I felt blue, discouraged and despondent.  Like the man who gambles, I had bet everything I possessed – so to say, on one throw of the dice…and I had lost!

     My interests had been for years, wrapped up in the Communist Party.  I did not know which way to turn.  The Nation was being propagandized in favor of Communism, from the Whie House down!

     Mrs. Roosevelt was entertaining officials of the Young Communist League in the White House.  I knew from inside sources, that Party members were being given posts in the Army, the Navy, the state Department and other branches of the national government.

     The Committee on Un-American Activites was the object of bitter attacks.  Its hands were being weakened by constant attacks on the floor of Congress by Representatives Sabath, Celler, Marcantonio, and others.

     Walter winchell, Drew Pearson and others of their ilk, had not yet found out…so that their blasts at the Committee, and propaganda in favor of Russia, were proving hurtful.  I was not even able to arouse Pastors and Churchs, whom I contacted, to the danger.

     I was fighting a terrific inner battle during those months.  My spirits dropped and a heavy depression settled over me.  I found myself so weak that it was necessary to remain in bed.  I did not care to live.

     Then, one day a light suddenly dawned in my soul.

     Mrs. Goff quietly laid a Bible on my bed.  It was within easy reach.  In her absence I picked it up and the pages opened of themselves, to the fourteenth chapter of John’s Gospel.

     I read those beautiful promises of eternal life.  I read the story of Christ’s victory over death, the story of redemption, the promise of the Holy Spirit’s presence, and the influence of the Gospel messatge upon the Apostles.

     Right then and there, in bed – without a preacher, without an altar call, through the word of God alone, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.

     I have no words to describe the joy that flooded my soul.

     My whole attitude toward life instantly changed.  In a little while I was up, writing, lecturing, preaching and teaching.  From earliest boyhood, I had dreamed of some day becoming a Minister of the Gospel.  My detour into Communism interrupted the plan.

     But like Jonah of old, the hand of Providence was upon my life.  God permitted me to go by the way of the whale’s belly of Communism, but I finally reached Nineveh.  Today, I am happiest when standing behind the sacred desk, declaring the unsearchable riches of Christ.

     I am driven forward, with the knowledge that He is with me.

     I was speaking a few weeks ago, when suddenly the lights in the auditorium were turned off.  Three hundred reds began smashing their way into the building.  They had planned to take my life.  But the police arrived in the nick of time and escorted me to safety.

     In St. Louis recently, I was struck down by local Communist leaders.  When Gene Tunney and I want to the Lake Geneva Youth Conference, to oppose a Communist rally, I was beaten in one of the committee rooms.

     This is only to mention a few of the many perplexing experiences that Mrs. Goff and I have encountered, since renouncing the Party!

     But we are not discouraged, because we worship a God who “works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform,” and we have even seen Him get glory through our suffering -  and, after all, nothing else matters.

                                                              Chapter VI

                                                         The Trojan Horse

     Every communist rides the Trojan Horse.

     As a former member of the Communist Party, I know that the Kremlin expects to eventually gain control of the world, infiltrating and taking over important organizations in every Country.

     In fact Georgi Dimitroff, head of the Comintern in 1935, issued exactly those orders.  He used the term “Trojan Horse” and manifestted unlimited audacity, in explaining what was expected of Party members everywhere.

     The Instructions were given publicly at the Communist World Congress at Moscow.

     The legend of the Trojan Horse takes us back to ancient Greece.  There was supposed to have been a powerful city called Troy, surrounded by high walls.  The Trajans repeatedly attacked but were unable to pierce the defenses.  After a long time of fighting, they feigned defeat and withdrew a considerable distance.  The people of Troy thought the war was over.

     Before the Trojans left they made a huge, mechanical horse out of wood.  The hollows of the beast were secretly filled with soldiers.  Citizens of Troy pulled the monster into the city.  During the night, the enemy soldiers climbed out, opened the gates from the inside and admitted the Trojan armies.  Troy was taken.

     Enemies used decaption and subterfuge.  They finally destroyed the city from the inside.

     There is nothing mysterious about the way Communists operate.  They have an international program which is applied with minimum variation in each Country.  Christianity and democratic government are their natural foes – behind whose lines they strive constantly to work.

     They rely upon Jews, as an international people, to cooperate at all times in cleariang their path of obstacles.  While a communist I never once had occasion to be disappointed in any Jew or Jewish organization, where the interests of the Party were concerned.

     If Walter Winchell and others of his race are now sincere in their opposition to Communism, it means a complete reversal of a historic attitude.  I hope they are sincere…but my fingers are crossed for the present.

     Marshall Field has hit a compromise by saying, through his newspapers, that he does not endorse Communism “for the United States.”

     This infers that the system is satisfactory for Russia and other countries.  He knows the international Communist Party is so cohesively organized, each segment being dependent upon the whole, that its successful operation in one place brings a curse upon other places.

     When Jewish leaders shield the Communist Party in Moscow, they are automatically giving it their blessing in America.

     Victor A. Kravchenko, a native of Russia who has turned against Communism and lives in mortal fear of assassination for having written the book, “I Chose Freedom,” regards Marshall Field as the arch propaganist of America on the side of Red Fascism. This is indicated by the following testimony recorded before the Committee on Un-American Activities on July 22, 1947:

     Mr. Nixon.  How would you control or curb the Communist Party and the Communist influence in the United States?

     Mr. Kravchenko.  We must fundamentally change the entire system of propaganda in America.  I have already siad a great deal onthis subject at this hearing.  If you wish to go in the question in serious details, I fear that the scope of this hearing will not permit it.

     Mr. Nixon.  Do you feel that it would be at all helpful, to take legal action to outlaw the communist Party, as such, in the United States?

     Mr. Kravchanko.  I consider the fellow-travelers in America to be a more dangerous force than the official Communist Party, and I will tell you why.  For instance, say I am an American citizen, I buy the Daily Worker.  I know that it is the Daily Worker.

     I know that it is the official organ of the Communist Party of the United States.  But say I buy the Chicago Sun or PM (edited by Marshall Field).  They are not Communist Party official papers, they give me, to a great extent, the same ideas.  That is more serious.

     If we have in the left hand Marshall Field, and in the right hand about 30 percent official members of official Communist Party in the United Staes, my opinion is Marshall Field is more dangerous and will cause more trouble than the same 30 percent of Communists, of whom we know what they are doing and the nature of their aims.

     I was speaking with Marshall Field for several hours, and if you think that I could succeed in persuading him of anything, you are mistaken.

     But should it develop that any considerable number of Jewish leades in countries outside of Russia, have formulated a revised policy contrary to the wishes of the Kremlin, I predict an attack upon Palestine from the North, surpassing in fury anything known in the last war.

     The Comintern will not – it dare not tolerate double-crossing.  Those who learn its secrets and turn against the leaders, are usually “liquidated.”

     I can speak from experience in this regard, having felt the wrath of the Party after accepting Christ and renouncing the organization.

     I do not believe Congressman rankin exaggerated, on May lst, 1947, during hearings of the Committee on Un-American Activities, when he said:  “The information we have is that 75 percent of the member of the Communist Party in this country are Jews.”

     The Communists are murderers at heart.  Daily they plot and plan a way to destroy and ruin those who stand in the way of their bid for power.  The members soon become as accustomed to talking about killing fellow-human-beings, as calmly as the average farmer would talk about killing a chicken for Sunday dinner.

     On one occasion I was assigned by Eugene Dennis to go to Cleveland, Ohio in 1936, to attend a Convention.  I was instructed by the Party, to do everything in my power to defeat any motion proposed by Gerald L.K. Smith at the Convention; and to do everything possible to destory his influence, because of his vigorous ‘anti-Communist Crusade.’

     When we failed to ouwit and defeat Smith at the Convention, the Party members present, were called to a special meeting in the Ohio Headquarters of the Communist Party.  Presiding over this meeting was Earl Browder.  He and other Party Leaders, proposed that we work out plans for the assassination of Gerald L.K. Smith at an opportune time, when it would not bring the Party into bad repute.

     I know the Communist Party to be a Trojan Horse.  I know how orders came through from Moscow, to train and equip members for the purpose of boring into reputable organizations.

     I know how Party members gloat in their secret councils, when they succeed in taking over the leadership, of some organization previously marked for demoralization.

     Stalin expects to apply this method to our entire national Government.  Here are his words:

     “It is necessary that the American Communist Party should be capable of meeting the moment of crisis, fully equipped to take direction of future class wars in the United States.  You must prepare for that, comrades, with all your strength and by every possible means.”

     During those treacherous eyars that the New Deal was in power, the Kremlin succeeded in establishing a powerful beachhead in the United States.  Our enemies were aided and abetted from the White House.  I know their methods, because I was on the inside at the time.

     How has the Communist Party been able to develop the kind of leadership necessary for paining control of reputable organizations?  The answer is simple.

     It is done by calling a never-ceasing stream of recruits to Moscow from all the countries of the world.  These people are trained in revolutionary warfare and sent back home, to be leaders in the “class struggle.”  The name of their principal educational center is th “International Lenin School.”  They now maintain schools in all parts of the United States, patterned after their parent center in Moscow.

     Large numbers of American Communists have been trained there.  They are now back in our midist, working the Trojan Horse plan, undermining our Churches, free institutions and system of Government.

      The organization chosen for infiltration may be a labor union, club, civic body, political party, school, teacher’s group, newspaper, magazine, youth movement, patriotic society – or some other organization.

     I have even known Church leadership being thus demoralized.  I have seen Epworth Leagues and youth groups of all other denominations transformed into youth centers of radicalism.  I have observed whole groups of Pastors changed into becoming Communists at heart, under the impact of the Trojan Horse technique.

     Earl Browder claims there are eight thousand professed Ministers in the United States, secretly allied with the Communist Party, for the purpose of destroying the Church from within. 

     I have found Communist propaganda, wearing the badge of Christian fundamentalism.  And of course, every Modernist Preacher is allergic.

     These are not pleasant things to contemplate, but our Country is faced with a factual situation.  The time has come for the American people to become sensitized to Communist technique.

     I like J. Edgar Hoover’s statement that, “The Communist Trojan Horse has now become the Trojan Snake in American life.”

     Instead of sending me to Moscow to be taught revolutionary tactics in the “Lenin School,” I was ordered to New York for highly technical training as a “Member-at-Large.”

     I was sincere in joining the Party.  I was led to suppose that it actually had the welfare of the poor at heart.  I began to be disillusioned as I got deeper into the affairs of the organization.  The leaders above me failed to destroy my conscience.

     The whole conspiracy spread before me like an open book, when I learned what went on at Secret Caususes held by Jewish members.  Negroes and other races were not allowed to meet secretly and formulate plans for local Party groups to follow.  Only Jews were granted this privilege.

     I made the mistake of making a public protest against the procedure at an open meeting.  From that hour I became a marked man.

     With this information in the background, the tragic chain of events that followed later, became understandable.

     Jack Kling, a national leader in the Young Communist League spent the night with me in Milwaukee.

     Unfortunately my Bible was in sight.  I had turned again to reading the Scriptures, as my faith in the Party began to wane.

     Kling got mad.  He demanded an answer then and there, why I read that kind of “Capitalist propaganda.”  My rerply was that Party literature said Christ was killed for leading an uprising agianst the Roman government, and I wanted more information on the subject.

     This, of course, did not satisfy him.  He immediately reported me to my superior officers.

     I was hauled before the County Organizer the next day.  He forbade me to engage in any more Bible reading, on threat of disciplinary action.  The whole performance wa such as to convince me that I had lost favor with the Party.  Such a thought is sufficient to strike terror to the heart of any Communist.

     For several weeks I had been organizing a Youth Rally in West Allis – a suburb of Milwaukee, to be held that evening.

     At 7 o’clock, about an hour before being due at West Allis, I was ordered to the Party office.  There I was instructed to leave immediaely for Sheboygan, to address a worker’s meeting.  Another comrade, Paul Herve, was assigned to my place in West Allis.

     This all seemed strange.  I had no choice but to obey.  No Communist can call his soul his own.

     I spoke to a small group of workers at Sheboygan.  At the close of the meeting, I hurried to the place where the interurban railroad stopped to pick up passengers for Milwaukee.  My train was scheduled to leave at 11 o’clock.

     I paused in the safety zone on the street.  I did not notice the automobile, loaded with enemies, that was parked a short distance away.  I stood there alone, waiting for the interurban.

     An innocent young man, with no knowledge of what was about to occur, was also in the car.  He told me later that Schultz, the driver, and others of the group, were watching every move I made.

     As the interurban approached, Schultz timed himself perfectly and drove directly toward me, at a terrific rate of speed.

     In a split second, I realized that I was being caught between a speeding automobile and a rapidly approaching train.  I was hit with a sickening thud and hurled under the wheels of the latter.  Everything went black!

     Then a few minutes later, I found myself under the train, in a pool of blood, my leg severed from the rest of my body.

     Schultz stopped the automobile, jumped out ran back and began kicking me in the face, cursing with every movement of his body.

     Trainmen grabbed him and called the police.

     This is part of the price I paid for daring to criticize Communist Party policy while belongint to the organization.

     I was confined to a hospital bed six weeks, a hundred miles away from home and friends.  During this time, my comrades were doing a sinister job!

     Before I left the operating room, they had arranged for Sam Berg, a Party lawyer, to take charge of my affairs.

     First, they ordered that no charges by preferred against the driveer.  Second, they took my insurance.  Five thousand dollars was collected.  They allowed me $900.00 for the hospital bill and kept the rest.

     There was nothing I could do.  Members are at the mercy of their leaders.

     In closing…let me say that the God, Who “works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform,” finally deliverred me from Satanic Communism…and for this I shall be eternally grateful.

     Mrs. Goff and I have come through many trying experiences but in our hearts we enjoy peace and soul rest which “the world cannot give and the world cannot take away.”

     We are now trying daily, to make our lives count for Him, who dies for us.  We solicit the prayers of all believers in Jesus Christ.

                                                            Chapter VII

                                              The Reorganized Comintern

                                      A War Against Christian Civilizaation

     Only during the war against the Nazis did sorely pressed Russia pretend to abandon the Communist International.  This was thought necessary to get the full degree of aid from the United States and Britain.  Stalin believed this aid essential to defeat the invading Germans, even though he never let the Russian people know the aid was necessary, the amount of aid obtained, and continually taught the Russians that they alone were winning the war.  Even today the people are taught that the war was won by state socialism and not by a joint endeavor with a capitalistic government.

     The recent conference attended by Communists from nine nations marked one change in fundamental Communist policy.  It merely shows the abandoning of a fruitless pretense.  Whatever the technical changes in the operation of the Communist International, worldwide communism has never ceased to function since the formation of the “First International” in the year 1864.

     To understand fully this world conspiracy of Red Bolshevism, we must study its origin and its final motives.

     On the first day of May in the year 1776 in Munich, Germany, an organization called the “Illuminati” was launched by a group of atheists and free thinkers.  The founder and leader of this organization was Adam Weishaupt.

     Weishaupt was a cunning human-devil, whose dream in life was to place the whole world under one government headed by his God hating “Illuminati.”  To accomplish this, Weishaupt set forth the following program:

l.         Abolition of all government.  2.  Abolition of inheritance.  3.  Abolition of private property.  4.  Abolition of patriotism.   5.  Abolition of family.  6.  Abolition of religion.

     These six principles by which they had proposed to destroy all orderly society have remained a part of the Communist program until this day.

     During the years that followed, Weishaupt built a strong underground movement in Germany which penetrated through its Trojan Horse policies, the economic, religious and political groups of that nation.  Later the citizens of German became aware of the fact that a diabolical plot was being carried out by the “Illuminati” to destroy their nation.  They immediately passed laws to outlaw the traitorous organization and arrested many of its leaders.

     Adam Weishaupt and some of his followers escapted and found a refuge in france.  Here, again, they went to work on their plans for a world revolution.

     They formed a new organization called the “Jocobins” and made Weishaupt its Grand Patriarch.  These clubs spread like wildfire throughout France and played an important part in the bloody French revolution.

     The teachings of Weishaupt and his followers caused wide-spread strikes and an increasing class struggle throughout the continent of Europe.  New Revolutionary movements sprung up in many different countries.  Each of these new movements had their own program.  Without unity there seemed to be no hope for a “working class” victory.

     During this period a new leade was developing.  His name was Karl Marx.  Marx, the Jew, had come from a well-to-do family.  Marx first joined a circle called the “Left Hebelians” which sought to draw atheistic and revolutionary conclusions from Hegel’s philosophy.

     While Marx was a member of this group he published many magazines and papers.  Together with a friend of his, Frederik Engles, Marx worked out the theory and tactics of revolutionary Proletarian Socialism, otherwise known as Communism.

     Both men were banished from Germany and France as dangerous revolutionists.  In 1847 they joined a secret propaganda society in Brussels bearing the name “Bund Der Kommunisten” (Communist League).  It was while a member of this league that in 1848 Marx wrote the infamous “Communist Manifesto” that has been the bible of the Red Revolutionist ever since.

     This manifesto called for the workers of the world to unite and destroy all existing government by bloody revolution.  Following the issuance of the Manifesto a revolution broke out in Belgium causing Marx to be banished from that country.  He later went to London, England, where on September 28, 1864, the “First International” was formed.

     This united front of the Revolutionist was called the “International Workingmen’s Association.”  This first International remained in force until it was weakened by the Bakunists split which caused it finally to dissolve on July 15, 1876.

     The “Second International” was formed of right wing socialist groups in 1889 and lasted until 1914.  It was weaker than the first because it did not receive the full support of the extreme left-wing who were called Communists.

     In 1905 the leftists attempted a revolution in Russia and failed.

     The year 1917 found the Czarist government in Russia very weak.  This time under the skilled Marxist leadership of Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky the Communists were able in the month of October to carry through a successful revolution and seize the reins of the state.

     Hardly had the Czarist government been overthrown when the three revolutionary leaders came to bitter disagreement on the policy to follow.  Trotsky wanted to take the revolutionary army and conquer Europe at once.  Lenin and Stalin felt that they should first build a strong Socialist state in Russia, then through infiltration they could penetrate all other nations.

     Once the other nations were weakened they could lie in wait for an imperalist war at which time they could easily cause dissention and take control.  This plan worked well.  Following the October revolution, Communist parties began to spring up all over the globe.  This called for an International organization and so the “Third International” was formed in 1920.

     This “Third International,” Commonly called the Comintern, was a congress with representatives from every nation in the world.  The congress was ruled over by a president, Georgi Dimitroff of Bulgaria, and its secretary, Josef Stalin of Russia.  Josef Stalin being the secretary, became the highest officer in the Comintern as is common in Communist party organization.  The Comintern, a union of Communist parties of the various nations, is in reality the World Communist Party.

     As the leader and organizer of the world revolutionary movement of the proletariat and the protagonist of the principles and aims of Communism, the Communist International strives to win over the majority of the working class.  It fights for the establishment of a world dictatorship of the proletariat.  This world dictatorship would then continue to establish a world union of Socialist Soviet Republics for the achievement of Socialism, the first stgae of any Communist society.

     Soon after the formation of the Third International, Lenin was shot by a young woman.  He lingered in ill health for some time before he died.  Lenin believed at the time of his death that the government of the Societ Union would continue under the leadership of the revolutionary leader, Leon Trotsky.  However, Stalin had already determined that this should not be.

     During Trotsky’s absence from the capital, Stalin seized power and began spreading wild rumors aimed at breaking down the faith of the russian people in Trotsky.  This sly plot succedded and trotsky was forced to flee the country to save his life.

     Once outside Stalin’s domain, Trotsky organized the Fourth International.  This Fourth International (Trotskyites) exists to this day and carries on an undercover fight against the Third International, commonly called the Stalinists.

     Warning!  Some of the most bitter foes of Stalinism in America are the followers of Leon Trotsky.  Their opposition to Stalin, however, and to Societ Russia represents merely a factional quarrel among the disciples of the Jew Karl Marx.  In fact, Trotskyites, as they are called, are as bloodthirsty, and in some instances more bloodthirsty, if possible, than the authorized represestatives of Moscow.

     Once Stalin became the supreme leader of the Third International and the Communist Party of Russia, he began to organize for the conquest of the world.  He called several World Congresses of the comintern where the economic and political problems of each nation were discussed.  It was then agreed that they would go undergrand in the majority of nations and quietly strengthen their forces.

     This master plan was carried out with success until 1935.  In that year they called the Seventh World Congress in Moscow.  The delegates at this congress felt that the hour had come for them to come out in the open and launch a United Front campaign.  It was believed that this policy would give more strength to the Party and possibly gain control of some countries.

     Spain was chosen as the first country with which they would experiment.  The “experiment” was the direct cause of the bloody Spanish Revolution.  During the revolution the Communists tried to unite the Trotskyites, Anachists and the Socialists under one banner.  This maneuver failed and the Reds were defeated in the revolution.

     By this time, Hitler was on the rise and many nations who had been leaning toward Communism were now lining up in the Nazi camp.  Stalin called for an all out campaign against Fascism at home and abroad.  A blood purge took place in the Soviet Union and anyone who was suspected of not being l00 percent pro-stalin was liquidated.  In other countries where trials were held, the guilty members were expelled from the party.

     When Stalin saw that Hitler was beating him to the punch, he craftily cooked up the Soviet-Nazi Pact.  This gained him time, and gave him parts of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland without much fight.

     With the Soviet Nazi Pact in force, Stalin could wait until Hitler’s troops were scattered all over Europe, then strike.  Adolf Hitler evidently got wise to Stalin’s game and struck first.  Meanwhile, word had gotten to Stalin that his ally might turn on him, and use Trotsky as his puppet in his Russian campaign.

     Stalin ordered the immediate assassinaiton of Trotsky who was living in exile in Mexico.  Leon trotsky was beaten to death by his own secretary after the order was issued by the Comintern.  This, I am sure, was the contributing factor to Hitler’s defeat in the Russian campaign.  Had Trotsky lived the picture might have been quite different.

     In the United States during this time the Reds had been raising the slogans, “Keep America Out of the War,” and “The Yanks Are Not Coming.”  With the invasion of Russia by Hitler these slogans changed overnight.  They began to call for Amearica to “Save The World From Fascism” and “Let the Democracies of the World Unite.”

     With our entrance into the war in 1941 the whole picture changed.  Our shipments of Lend Lease to Russia began to slow the advance of Hitler’s armies.  The average American said, “Let’s give them just enough to keep them fighting until both are exhausted.”

     Stalin sensed this feeling and pulled his prize trick out of the bag.  In May, 1943, he held a small conference of a few of the International Communist leaders and announced that the Comintern had been dissolved.  This was hailed by many Allied leaders as the ‘dawn of a new day” and as “helding greater cooperation between Russia and the Western world.”

     Those of us who had been members of the Party knew this to be a lie, and a clever trick on the part of Stalin.  We knew that the Constitution of the Third International stated that it could not be dissolved without a majority vote of the World Congress of the comintern.  No World Congress had been held at that time.  This fact has been borne out by recent actions of the Reds.

     Documents seized from Russian agents during the Atomic Bomb trials in Canada established irrefutably that the Kremlin-directed international spy ring functioned throughout the war.  Igor Sergeivitch Gouzenko, the code clerk in the Russian embassy in Canada, after fleeing the Reds sent to apprehend him, informed the Royal Commission that “the announcement of the dissolution of the Comintern was probably the greatest farce of the Communists in recent years.

     He told the startled Canadians, to whom he fled with coded documents from Moscow directing spying activites in Canada and the United States, that actually the Comintern exists and continues the work.  The Soviet leaders have never relinquished the idea of establishing a Communist dictatorship throughout the world.”

     Gouzenko furnished documentary proof to bear out his assertions.  He added that “it is clear that the Communist Party in democratic countries had changed long ago from a political party into an agency net of the Soviet government.”

     Well, now do the doubters finally understand that the Bolshevist world revolution for the establishment of a World Soviet is really under way, and has been for the past thirty years?

     If not, let them study the Communist conference which was held in Moscow on October 5, 1947.  At this conference, Communist leaders of nine countries participated openly.  The rest of the countries were represented but not openly for fear of repercussion.

     Earlier this year secret delegates of the Communist Party of America obtained passports to Europe.  They were present at this conference.  The delegates who operated in the open were from Russia, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Roumania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Hungary.  These agents are setting up an information and propaganda bureau in Belgrade under Marshall Titos’ watchful eye.

     Thus, we find the Comintern working from two Communist capitals, Belgrade and Moscow, but working jointly for the same purpose.  “To banish God from the skies and capitalism from the earth,” and to establish a world Soviet State.

     The picture is growing clarer each day.  We see the world gradually being divided into two camps, U.S.A. and U.S.S.R.  Soon these two camps will clash.  When, only time can tell.

                                                          Chapter VIII

                                                Hollywood’s Corruption


                                                       Fulfillment of

                                                      Stalin’s Dream

     One of the greatesat breeders of juvenile delinquency in America is the movies.  More crime, adultery, drinking, and filth is poured into the minds of American youth from Hollywood than any other source.

     This scheme fits well into the plans of the Communist Party, to demoralize American youth; for it is hoped by the Communists that there will be a breakdown of our economic and moral structure, which will make it easy for them to step in and take over our Republic and establish in its place the United States of Soviet America.

     During the last fifteen years, the Communist Party has been busy getting a firm foothold in Hollywood, and today, we find them well established with more than one third of all the actors and actresses holding membership in the Communist Party.  Many of those who haven’t joined as yet asre aiding in their program by following the line of the fellow-traveler.

     During the past few years, there has been close ties between this Sodom and Gomorrah of America and the White House.  Because of the Roosevelt approval of these sex-perverts and morans, many of our young people have begun to idolize them as gods.

     At the present time these social degenerates are setting the mode of dress, talk, and even political thinking.  Fifty years ago, it would have defeated a candidate to have some burlesque star endorse him; today it’s the popular thing.

     Have our people grown so weak that they must turn to these half-baked nit-wits in Hollywood for our political thought; or have we become suckers to the Communist intrigue of using Hollywood as a means of destroying our way of life.

     The parents of America pay the movie industry millions of dollars every week, to train their youngsters how to become sex perverts and atheists.  Young people attending the movies, see enacted before their very eyes base sex crimes and bloody murders.  These scenes are so real, they leave an imprint upon the child’s memory which cannot be removed, and many times when it is recalled at a weaker moment, it may cause the child to commit the same crime.

     In a city in northern Illinois, a dog ran howling down the street and fell dead in front of the Apollo Theater.  Upon examination, a pen-knife was found stuck nito the back of its neck.  An investigation by the local police brought out the fact that 22 dogs had been killed in that community over a period of two months.  Some had been shot, then wrapped in stolen blankets and buried.  Others had been put into sacks and thrown in the river while still alive.  These fiendish crimes had been committed by youngsters, none of them over 15 years of age.  Their only excuse was that they wanted to re-enact crime scenes they had seen at the local movies.

     What else can we expect from these young people when they are given money by their parents to attend movies where they can see displayed on the screen before them, scantily clothed women with liquor, and sucking on cigarettes; a married woman has a baby by a friend whom she loves better than her husband; a Red revolutionist glorified as a hero; congressmen rediculed as crackpots; Gospel preachers made to look like flea-brained nincompoops; and gangsters live in luxury surrounded by young prostitutes.  These scenes help promote juvenile delinquency, and are a menace to the welfare of our nation.

     Earl Barnes, a noted educator says, “Any person brought up on the psychology of the movie-world is unfit for life.  The lower minds go to the movies and the longer they go the lower they will be.”

     Dr. Edward A. Ross, famous sociologist, lays this to the movie industry.  “Never has there been a generation so much in revolt against their elders as this.  In my judgement this psychic revolt springs from the motion films.  We have a generation of youth, sex-excited, self-assertive, self-confident and parent-critical.”

     Theodore Dreiser, famous American novelist and by no means a church man, had this to say about movies, “I have seen movies that would curl your hear, in spite of the motion picture censorship we are supposed to have.”

     If the Communist Party was to open a training school in your town and would issue invitations for your children to attend free of charge; I would venture to say very few American parents would allow their children to go anywhere near the place.  Yet these same parents would pay good money night after night for their children to attend movies and be slyly indoctrinated with the same damnable atheistic Commuinist teachings.

     Several years ago G. Allison Phelps, the prominent Los Angeles journalist, prepared a list of movie bigwigs, who are responsbile for the type of pictures shown across America.  Phelps calls this list the ‘all alien team.’  Let’s look at the line-up, and see who some of the men are, who make up this modern Tower of Babel.

                                                     THE HOLLYWOOD

                                        All-American (ALL-ALIEN?)  Eleven



                                                            Head Coach

                                                           Nick Schenck

                                             Born: Russia – Salary $275,673

Bob Rubin                                                                                        Darryl Zanuck

First Assistant Coach                                                           Third Assistant Coach

Born:  Syracuse                                                                                 Born:  Wahoo

Salary:  $218,423                                                                         Salary:  $265,000

Second Assistant Coach                                                      Fourth Assistant Coach

Born:  Hoboken                                                                               Born:  Hungary

Salary:  $249,482                                                                          Salary:  $170,000

                                                            The Team

Name                                                    Born                                            Salary

Harry M. Warner                                  Russia                                     $156,000

Joseph M. Schenck                               Russia                                        l06,000

Anatole Litvak                                      Rumania                                     ll7,857

Sam Katz                                               Russia                                       247,000

Harry Cohen                                                                                             l56,000

Sam Goldwyn                                        Poland                                        l56,000

Al Lichtman                                          Hungary                                    229,392

Joe Pasternack                                       Hungary                                    119,875

Alexander Korda                                   Hungary                  

Gregory Ratoff                                      Russia                                        104,333

Louis B. Mayer                                     Russia                                         688,369


     Dave Bernstein, Jerry Mayer, Mendel Silverberg, Harry Rapf, Eddie Loeb, Sol Lessor, sam Briskin, Lee Marcus, Frank Orsatt, Nat Goldstone, Lew Schreiber, J.J. Cohen, Arthur Loew, Jack Cummings, Melvyn Douglas, Louis K. Sidney, Herman Mankiewiez, L. Weingarten, Sam Sischoff, Hunt Stromberg, Bill Goetz, Pandro Berman, Mervyn LeRoy, Murry Silverstone, Sal Wurtzel, S.P. Skouras, Fred Pelton, Joe Maniewiez, Lep Friedman, Bernie Hyman and Henry Ginsberg.

     Just name one remark by any one from this gorup of men that ever exalted Christ or helped the church.

     John Rankin (Dem.-Miss.), a member of the house committee on un-American Activies, says:  “One of the most dangerous plots ever instigated for the over-throw of this Government, had its headquarters in Hollywood.”

     The Communist Party is re-oprganizing for a tough, bitter fight.  The orders for thislchange came from Joe Stalin and were transmitted to the American Party by comrade Duclos of France.  This move was made to prepare the Amearican Communist for revolutionary action in case there is a falling out between between Stalin and Truman.  Plans are being put into effect by the Communists to paralyze American Industry, by a general strike if we sould disagree with Stalin’s program to communize Europe and Asia.

     The Communists have moved their strategic base of operation from New York City to Hollywood.  Already many party leaders are being shifted to key industrial cities in preparation for the revolt.

     Ned Sparks, former secretary of theCommunist Party in Wisconsin has been transferred to Los Angeles.  Sparks was chosen for this post because of his past revolutionary experience.  He fought in the Russian Revolution under Lenin and knows well how to butcher Christians.

     When we see such an outstanding Red as this, being assigned to the Hollywood district, then we can begin to realize the important position of the movie industry in the coming Red Revolution.

     It is no strange phenomena that when leading Reds come to America, one of the first places they visit is Hollywood; for it was from this City, that the largest sums were contributred to aid the Communist forces during the Spanish Civil war.

     Recently, a Russian Journalist, Konstantin Simonov, toured Hollywood, and payed homage to Bette Davis, Charlie Chaplin and the Hollywood Writer’s Association.  He reported that he found most actors and actresses displayed a great interest in the Soviet Union and Soviet Culture.  He also stated that Bette Davis and Charlie Chaplin had deep contempt for the Anti-Communist press and its attitude toward the Soviet Union.  This is not at all strange.

     On November 16, 1944, a group of Red stars of the screen sent a wire of greeting to the U.S.S.R. Amity rally.  Among the signers was Charlie Chaplin, the Red parasite, who has made millions of dollars in Amearica and shamed the name of American womanhood; yet never to my knowledge has he become an American citizen.  He tells us how to vote and how to run our foreign affairs, (as can be seen in the following telegram signed by nineteen of the Hollywood Red gang).:

     “In time to come the recognition of the soviet Union by the United States will be remembered as the beginning of an era which brought savagery, ignorance and hunger to an end.  It will be remembered as the first step taken toward new horizons of a world where security and culture are meant for the happiness of all people everywhere.  On this occasion, Hollywood wishes to add its voice to the voice of all Americans hailing the mutual bond which exists and which will continue to grow between our great country and our Allies.  In this friendship lies not only the hope but the future of the world.

     Signed:  Larry Adler, James Cagney, Eddie Cantor, Charles Chaplin, Doroithy Comminger, George Colouris, Olivia De Havilland, John Garfield, Jr., Gershwin, Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn, Gene Kelley, Alexander Knox, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Edward G. Robinson, Sylvia Sidney, gail Sondergaard and Orson Welles.

     One of the outstanding young Reds in Hollywood is Frankie Sinatra, the young man, who expects every young maiden to swoon at the sound of his rasping voice.  Yet behind that voice, is the voice of Bloody Joe, enticing our youth into his deadly Marxian philosophy.  Sinatra co-operates closely with the the American Youth for Democracy and jthe C.I.O. – P.A.C.  Early this year he was one of eight who was awarded medals from the A.Y.D. (the Young Communist League) for ‘major contributions to democracy and to the war effort.’  He has been actie in appearances in racial troubled zones.  Other awards, were to Peggy Ryan, entertainer; Bill Maulden, left-wing cartoonist; Slim Aaron of ‘Yank’ magazine; Lt. Edvina Todd, navy nurse; Edward Carter, negro service man; and Harry Tanuye, Japanese-American.

     Frank Sinatra, commonly called ‘The Voice,’ is one of the star performers at A.Y.D. rallies, where young people are recruited into the Communist Party.  His bold promotion of ‘bobby-soxism,’ has added to the great wave of juvenile delinquency in America.  In San Francisco on March 23, 1946, fifty-six adolescent Sinatra fans were taken into custody by police as they stood shivering in a waiting line in front of the Golden Gate Theater at 4:30 a.m. in the morning, six hours before ‘the voice,’ was scheduled to appear.  The police hauled 53 indignant bobby-soxers and three boys to the juvenile home on technical charges of violating the curfew law, which prohibits anyone under eighteen from being on the streets between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  Most of the lchildren were from Oakland.

     One father said, “The police were well justified in picking up the girls.  I think Sinatra should be run out of town.”

     This young Red Stalinite has been touring the country swooning bobby-soxers with his baritone voice, while he tells their parents how to vote.  He appreared before 16,000 left-wingers in Madison Square Garden lsat year, at the opening of a nationwide campaign, the Communist Party and the New Deal’s ‘Russian Firsters.,’ to capture the veteran’s votes.

     Frank Sinatra, defiant in bow-tie, demanded freedom for the Chinese; a campaign against the Spanish Government; and public recognition of the political possibilities of radio crooners.  While Sinatra and others demanded the overthrowing of Franco; Red Fascists passed out handbills in the crowd, which read, “Veterans – join the Communist Party…our Party stands for the ownership and control of the nation’s economy by the workers and farmers.”

     Through this one performance alone, any intelligent person should be able to see how ‘Red Frankie,’ with his purring voice, is swooning the youth of America into the arms of atheistic Communism.

     I can think of no better way to close this chapter on Hollywood than with this clear call to action by G. Allison Phelps, who said, “It will take more than MICE CHRISTIANS to drive from Christian America, the filth columnist of Hollywood.  Christians who will not only preach about, but who also will sternly uphold lthe principles of our Saviour, will have to rise in this land, and use their influence to combat the jatheistic ideologist of the modern Augean stable, known in Hollywood as the‘Tower of Babel.’


Editor’s Note:  Shortly after Kenneth Goff published his book, Confessions of Stalin’s Agent in 1948, he was assassinated.



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