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  Volume 11, No.3   Fall, 2001  

Roger Williams
The Genesis Account of Creation

Founder of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Roger Williams (1603-1683), was ever focused upon bringing the Word of God to lost souls. He prefaces his translatian into the Indian dialect, of the Genesis account of Creation as follows:

I shall propose some proper expressions concerning the creation of the world, and man's estate, and in particular their also, which from myself, many hundreds of times, great numbers of them have heard with great delight, and great convictions; which who knows (in God's Holy season) may rise to the exalting of the Lord Jesus Christ in their conversation and salvation!

Friend, I will ask you a question.
Speak on.
What think you?
Who made the Heavens?
The Earth, the Sea,
The World?

(Some will answer Tatta, I cannot tell, some will answer Manittowock, the gods.)

How many gods be there?
Many, great many.
Friend, not so.
There is only one God.
You are mistaken.
Your are out of the way.

(A phrase which much pleaseth them, being proper for their wandering in the woods, and similitudes greatly please them.)

I will tell you, presently.
I will tell you news.
One Only God made the Heavens &c.
Five thousand years ago, and upwards.
He alone made all things.
Out of nothing.
In six days He made all things.
The first day He made the Light.
The second day He made the Firmament.
The third day He maded the Earth and sea.
The fourth day He made the Sun and the Moon.
Two great Lights.
And alla the Starres.
The fifth day He made all the fowls.
In the Ayre or Heavens.
And all the Fish in the Sea.
The sixth day He made all the Beasts of the Field.
Last of all He made one Man, 
Of red Earth.
And call'd him Adam, or red Earth.
And the afterward, while
Adam or red Earth slept,
God took a rib from Adam, or red Earth.
And of that rib He made One woman.
And brought her to Adam...

(From Great American Statesmen and Heroes, copyright 1994 by Catherine Millard.

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