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Kenneth Goff's Expose - How did Hollywood Films begin?
(Excerpted from, The Christian Heritage of our Nation History Curriculum - U.S. Presidents  and Their Churches, copyright 1999 by Catherine Millard).

     As with the conclusion to my book, The Rewriting of America’s History, God has given me further original source documentation on the revisionist historians’ agenda for America. For those who are not familiar with that book and Kenneth Goff, about whom I reported in the conclusion to my book, I would offer this brief explanation. For three years until 1939, Kenneth Goff of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, had been a due-paying member of the Communist party and had been thoroughly trained in Communist warfare, both psychological and physical, in order to destroy Christianity, American society and government 

     After accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he defected from the party, and as reported in that book, published the Russian textbook Psychopolitics used in Lenin University by the communists to train young American students to penetrate this nation from within. Excerpts from that textbook were included in the conclusion to The Rewriting of America’s History. As is usually the case with communist defectors, Goff was assassinated. Further documentation by Goff which I have acquired, is Confessions of Stalin’s Agent, published by him in 1948. A photocopy of the only existing copy in the C.I.A. files was obtained for me by a C.I.A. agent, himself a Christian. Excerpts are reprinted hereunder, unveiling the insidious hidden agenda of the enemies of America to undo this nation, by removing her greatest strength and anchor – Christianity.

     In the twelve years since I began researching and writing about America’s true history and heritage from original sources, I found myself continually being thwarted and opposed with obstacles and hindrances. What seemed to me would be considered a purely patriotic and non-threatening endeavor to any American resulted in a stirring up of the ire and resentment of officials, whose cooperation was needed in this task. Gradually, over the years, as I met with the same spirit of opposition, again and again, it came to be my belief through evidence presented, that this was a well-orchestrated, master-minded agenda to destroy America through the eradication of Christianity from her culture and civilization. When I came upon Confessions of Stalin’s Agent by Goff, my eyes were opened to the fact that I was experiencing just one facet of this dilemma. Other key areas have also been targeted, such as: churches, youth groups, schools, government, organizations and movies. Following are some poignant excerpts from Goff’s book:


…I was assigned by national headquarters to duty in District 18 of the Party, which comprises the Sate of Wisconsin. It became my special duty to bore into Church groups and youth organizations1…Church people need to be alerted to red tactics for boring into their denominations. The committee on Un-American Activities of the House of Representatives, has something to say on the subject, in its report to the first session of the Eightieth Congress: Penetrating, Religious Groups: Those who deal with Communist youth organizations are frequently deceived by the number of religious organizations apparently represented. Religious groups are notoriously na´ve and easy prey for the young Communist power politicians.2 …In fact they assumed a benevolent attitude toward Modernist preachers. Eugene Dennis put it this way: “These liberal chameleons are of great value at present, but once our goal is reached, they will either have to change their belief, or pay the price with their heads along with the rest…”3 …The same was true of Lounatcharski’s remark: “We hate Christians, Even the best of them, must be regarded as our worst enemies. All religions are poison. A fight to the death must be declared upon all religions.”

We were given the most detailed instructions on how to fight the Church. Only to the degree that Christianity was weakened, could the movement toward revolution become strong and powerful. The followers of Christ were therefore to be regarded as our worst enemies. We were given methods for indoctrinating the thinking of both believers and unbelievers with anti-religious theories4 …I have even known Church leadership being thus demoralized. I have seen Epworth Leagues and youth groups of all other denominations transformed into youth centers of radicalism. I have observed whole groups of Pastors changed into becoming Communists at heart, under the impact of the Trojan horse technique…5

Youth Groups

     …We often repeat the slogan of transforming the imperialist war into a civil war against the bourgeoisie. In itself, the slogan is a good one, but it becomes an empty and dangerous phrase if we do nothing serious in advance to create a united youth front.

     We need a revolutionary youth movement at least ten times as broad as our parties, and a united youth front hundreds of times broader still. That this is entirely possible, in many countries, is shown by the achievements of our French and American youth comrades.

     In these organizations, our American young comrades have discovered a large number of functionaries and cadres who are prepared to fight side by side with the Communists against reaction, and in the course of not quite a year, the Young communist League in the United States has succeeded in creating 175 fractions in these mass organizations.

     Comrades, these are only a few – not all – of the positive experiences gained by the Young Communist League of the United States, in course of the work recently carried on by our American young comrades…6 Our textbooks against religion included “The Origin of the Family” by Frederick Engles and “The Foundations of Christianity” by Karl Kautsky. Both of these, as well as other titles used, are one hundred percent atheistic…7


…Our teachers directed their hardest blows against “Fundmentalist Christianity.” But I never heard one of them say, at any time, a single word against Moderism.8 …Dialectic materialism was presented as the foundation of Communist belief. There is no such thing as soul, according to this teaching. Everything is material. The only heaven or hell is what one gets here on earth. We were told that no appetite should go unsatisfied, whether it be of sexual promiscuity, theft, murder, or other base desires. One should never restrain himself at any point…9


…I served the Communist Party with fanatical zeal for several years. No member can call his soul his own! Every detail of his life is rigidly regulated. This applies to both mind and body. My whole being was consumed with Party interests. 
The day a man or woman becomes a Communist, that day the victim steps into a strait jacket. Wives are not even allowed to give birth to children, without the consent of the district organizers. For this reason abortion is a common practice…10

…He said we should never look for victory through the ballot – that Communist triumph could come only by bloodshed and revolution. We were told to drive steadily toward the day and hour when blood would flow in gutters and make it possible for us to take over…11

…There is nothing mysterious about the way Communists operate. They have an international program which is applied with minimum variation in each country, Christianity and democratic government are their natural foes – behind whose lines they strive constantly to work…12

…1. Abolition of all governments. 2. Abolition of inheritance. 3. Abolition of private property. 4. Abolition of patriotism. 5. Abolition of family. 6. Abolition of religion.

These six principles by which they had proposed to destroy all orderly society have remained a part of the Communist program until this day…13


     …It is Communist strategy to prostitute the names of prominent persons, as well as to bore into reputable groups. In pursuance of this policy, numerous front organizations have been created, bearing names of persons serving in advisory capacities, printed on imposing letterheads…14

     …I know how Party members gloat in their secret councils, when they succeed in taking over the leadership, of some organization previously marked for demoralization…15

     …How has the Communist Party been able to develop the kind of leadership necessary for gaining control of reputable organizations? The answer is simple.

     It is done by calling a never-ceasing stream of recruits to Moscow from all the countries of the world. These people are trained in revolutionary warfare and sent back home, to be leaders in the “class struggle.” The name of their principal educational center is the “International Lenin School.” The now maintain schools in all parts of the United States, patterned after their parent center in Moscow.

     Large numbers of American Communists have been trained there. They are now back in our midst, working the Trojan horse plan, undermining our Churches, free institutions and system of Government.

     The organization chosen for infiltration may be a labor union, club, civic body, political party, school, teacher’s group, newspaper, magazine, youth movement, patriotic society – or some other organization…16


… Hollywood is a vital nerve center for the Communist program of the United States. The greatest single contribution for carrying on the revolutionary struggle originates at that point. Communism and the motion picture industry grew to adulthood together in this part of the world.

…Time and again, I have sat in secret meetings where red strategy was being mapped, and observed exactly where and how Hollywood fitted into the projects under consideration…17

…That scores of screen writers who are Communists have infiltrated into the various studios and it has been through this medium that most of the Communist propaganda has been injected into the movies. These writers belong to the Screen Writers Guild, which has membership of some 1,300 and which, according to the testimony of competent witnesses, is under the complete domination of the Communist Party. These writers receive anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per week…18

That Communists have succeeded in preventing certain good American pictures, which ought to glorify America and the American system, from being produced.19

…One of the greatest breeders of juvenile delinquency in America is the movies. More crime, adultery, drinking, and filth is poured into the minds of American youth from Hollywood than any other source.

This scheme fits well into the plans of the Communist Party, to demoralize American youth; for it is hoped by the Communists that there will be a breakdown of our economic and moral structure, which will make it easy for them to step in and take over our Republic and establish in its place the United States of Soviet America.

Have our people grown so weak that they must turn to these half-baked nit-wits in Hollywood for our political thought; or have we become suckers to the Communist intrigue of using Hollywood as a means of destroying our way of life.

The parents of America pay the movie industry, millions of dollars every week, to train their youngsters how to become sex perverts and atheists. Young people attending the movies see enacted before their very eyes base sex crimes and bloody murders. These scenes are so real, they leave an imprint upon the child’s memory which cannot be removed, and many times when it is recalled at a weaker moment, it may cause the child to commit the same crime…20

What else can we expect from these young people when they are given money by their parents to attend movies where they can see displayed on the screen before them…a Red revolutionist glorified as a hero; congressmen ridiculed as crackpots; Gospel preachers made to look like flea-brained nincompoops; and gangsters living in luxury…These scenes help promote juvenile delinquency, and are a menace to the welfare of our nation.

Earl Barnes, noted educator says, “Any person brought up on the psychology of the movie-world is unfit for life. The lower minds go to the movies and the longer they go the lower they will be.”

Dr. Edward A. Ross, famous sociologist, lays this to the movie industry. “Never has there been a generation so much in revolt against their elders as this. In my judgment this psychic revolt springs form the motion films. We have a generation of youth, self-assertive, self-confident, and parent-critical…”21

Theodore Dreiser, famous American novelist and by no means a church man, had this to say about movies, “I have seen movies that would curl your hair, in spite of the motion picture censorship we are supposed to have.”

If the Communist Party was to open a training school in your town and would issue invitations for your children to attend free of charge; I would venture to say very few American parents would allow their children to go anywhere near the place. Yet these same parents would pay good money night after night for their children to attend movies and be slyly indoctrinated with the same atheistic Communist teachings.

Several years ago G. Allison Phelps, the prominent Los Angeles journalist, prepared a list of movie bigwigs, who are responsible for the type of pictures shown across America. Phelps calls this the “all alien team.” Let’s look at the line-up, and see who some of the men are, who make up this modern Tower of Babel.

The Hollywood All-American (All Alien!) Eleven of Indispensables

Head Coach
Nick Schenck
Born: Russia
Salary $275,673

                    Bob Rubin                                         Darryl Zauuck
                    First Assistant                                    Coach Third Assistant Coach
                    Born: Syracuse                                  Born: Wahoo
                    Salary: $218,423                               Salary $256,000

                    Second Assistant Coach                    Fourth Assistant Coach
                    Born: Hoboken                                 Born: Hungary
                    Salary: $249,482                              Salary: $179,000


The Team

                    Name                                         Born                               Salary

                    Harry M. Warner                       Russia                             $156,000
                    Joseph M. Schenck                   Russia                               106,000
                    Anatole Litvak                           Rumania                            117,857
                    Sam Katz                                  Russia                               247,000
                    Harry Cohen                                                                      185,000
                    Sam Goldwyn                            Poland                              156,000
                    Al Lichtman                               Hungary                            229,392
                    Joe Pasternack                          Hungary                            119,875
                    Alexander Korda                      Hungary           
                    Gregory Ratoff                          Russia                               104,333
                    Louis B. Mayer                         Russia                               688,369



Dave Bernstein, Jerry Mayer, Mendel Silverberg, Harry Rapf, Eddie Loeb, Sol Lessor, Sam Beiskin, Lee Marcus, Frank Orsatt. Nat Goldstone, Lew Schreiber, J.J. Cohen, Arthur Loew, Jack Cummings, Melvyn Douglas, Loius K. Sidney, Herman Mankiewiez, L. Weingarten, Sam Sischoff, Hunt Stromberg, Bill Goetz, Pandro Berman, Mervyn LeRoy, Murry Silverstone, Sal Wurtzel, S.P. Skouras, Fred Pelton, Joe Maniewiez, Lep Friedman, Bernie Hyman and Henry Ginsberg. 

     Just name one remark by any one from this group of men that ever exalted Christ or helped the church. 

     John Rankin (Dem.-Miss.,) member of the house committee on un-American Activities, says: “One of the most dangerous plots ever instigated for the over-throw of this Government, had its headquarters in Hollywood…”22 The Communists have moved their strategic base of operation from New York City to Hollywood. Already many party leaders are being shifted to key industrial cities in preparation for the revolt…23 

     I can think of no better way to close this chapter on Hollywood than with this clear call to action by G. Allison Phelps, who said, “It well take more than MICE CHRISTIANS, to drive from Christian America, the filth columnist of Hollywood. Christians who will not only preach about, but who also will sternly uphold the principles of our Saviour, will have to rise in this land, and use their influence to combat the atheistic ideologist of the modern Augean stable, known in Hollywood as the ‘Tower of Babel’…”24 


     Fellow Americans, at this juncture of our nation’s history, there is a need more than ever before, for critical analysis and keen discernment in rightly dividing truth from falsehood. We are living in an era of high deception and undercover intrigue, as proven in my previous book, The Rewriting of America’s History. In light of the “collapse” of the Berlin wall and the “dissolution” of the Soviet Empire, let us heed the words of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in a speech to the Politburo, November 1987, as reported by Sir William Stephenson, head of the Combined Allied Intelligence Operations during World War II (i.e., the man called “Intrepid”): 

     “Gentlemen, comrades, do no be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and to let them fall asleep. We want to accomplish three things: One, we want the Americans to withdraw conventional forces from Europe. Two, we want them to withdraw nuclear forces from Europe. Three, we want the Americans to stop proceeding with Strategic Defense Initiative.” 

     For those of you who, in reading the pages of this book, have realized the need for the Savior and a new lease on life, please pray this silent prayer with me:

Father in Heaven, I come to you humbly, as a child, accepting your free gift of salvation through your Son Jesus’ sacrificial death and atonement for my sins. I now accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and I thank you, Father, for this priceless gift of a Messiah. I now repent and turn my life over to you, Lord Jesus, in order to serve you all the days of my life in Spirit and in Truth. I accept your unconditional forgiveness, Father, through Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary’s cross, and realize that through His atonement for my sins, I am now translated into the Kingdom of Eternal Life and have become your beloved child, and that I am sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise forever. For You tell me that if I confess with my mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I shall be saved (Romans 10:9). Lead me, I pray, into all truth through your Holy Word, Lord Jesus. Amen.



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