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"I found the presentation given by Dr. Millard to be liberating! As a teacher who has found herself most frustrated having to stifle Christianity in her classroom, I am so elated to hear of efforts made to invert this energy from the outside. Thank you so much for making the effort to open my student's eyes!"

-J. H.
7th Grade English
Delmar High School

"Dr. Millard's compelling presentation takes students back to their national roots. Using the original sources and on-site photographs, she simply tells the truth about what is happening to America's Christian heritage. It is a revelation to many."

-C. V. P.
Chairperson, Language Arts Dept.
Delmar Junior-Senior High School

"Having Catherine Millard in my art classroom was like a breath of fresh air! Her succinct accounting of America's Godly heritage, as captured in painting, sculpture and architecture, was truly an eye-opener for my students who are rarely exposed to such a complete presentation of significant American art history. I am delighted that she will be returning to Niles West Public School this Fall."

-G. D.
Niles West Public School
Skokie, Illinois

"Catherine Millard's presentation was well-documented, instructional and educational in its format and contents. Students appeared excited about what they were hearing and seeing."

-Bishop Knox, Principal
Wingfield Public School
Jackson, Mississippi

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