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CATHERINE MILLARD is the author of twenty-one historical books. She has worked for twenty-two years at the Library of Congress as a researcher and writer, utilizing the original writings, documents, papers and works of the founding fathers as documentation for her books.

  • God's Signature Over the Nation's Capital
  • The Rewriting of America's History
  • A Children's Companion Guide to America's History
  • Great American Statesmen and Heroes
  • The Christian Heritage of our Nation History Curriculum - Landmarks
  • The Christian Heritage of our Nation History Curriculum - Memorials
  • The Christian Heritage of our Nation History Curriculum - U.S. Presidents and Their Churches
  • The Christian Heritage of the 50 United States of America
  • ISRAEL - Covenant Land
  • CALIFORNIA - America's First New England
  • The Dismantling of America's History
  • The Truth about the Founding Fathers of the American Republic
  • Book of Prophecies of Christopher Columbus, Messianic Jew
  • Sir Isaac Newton's Proof of Creationism
  • Patrick Henry, the Great Awakening and Road to the Revolution
  • Ancient Shiloh Tabernacle excavated – Foreshadow of the Messiah
  • THOMAS JEFFERSON – Accuracy vs. Revisionism – An Exposé
  • TRUTH vs. Counterfeit – This is my Story

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– B.A. – American Studies – George Mason University

– M.A. – Education and American Literature program – George Mason

– M.A. – Old and New Testament – Capital Bible Seminary

– D.Min. – Christian Education – Luther Rice Seminary


– B.A. – Dean’s List – Graduated with High Distinction

– M.A. – Dean’s List – Honor Student

– D.Min. – Dean’s List – Graduated Summa Cum Laude

– Member – Alpha Chi Honor Society

Recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal sponsored by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for Excellence in patriotic and individual achievement and the Faith and Freedom Religious Heritage of America Award for significant contributions in affirming and strengthening the biblical principles in American life.

Dr. Millard is also the producer of nine video documentaries and seven audiobooks on the original Christian heritage and history of America. She has taught extensively on the subject in colleges, universities and schools throughout the nation, and abroad.


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