Expose' on U.S. Supreme Court curators’ unsigned October 31, 1932 letter and descriptive sheet on Courtroom Friezes

1. The typewriter text size is different from the numerous official letters by Weinman (on his letterhead and/or typed name/signature).

2. The inserted corrections are not in his handwriting.

3. There is a discrepancy between “Truth with mirror and rose” and “Truth with mirror and lilly” – each contradicting the other. “Lily” is misspelled.

4. “Innocense” is misspelled twice. Weiman’s original letters and descriptive signed sheets contain no misspellings.

5. There is a discrepancy between “Power of Good” and “Power of Evil” in the October 31, 1932 letter; and “Powers of Good” and “Powers of Evil” in the descriptive sheet.

6. In “Symbolism in Supreme Court Frieze” – “Frieze” in the title, should be “Friezes” as there are four.

7. “Bill of Right” with the blazing sun, symbol of “Right” and “Protector of Right” male figure leaning on shield bearing the symbol of “Right” – the blazing sun; should be “Bill of Rights” and the male figure bearing a shield is “Security” in

8. The word “RIGHT” – l. straight, direct, rule; 2. righteous, upright, being in accordance with what is just, good or proper (conduct); 3. conforming to facts or truth; 4. suitable, appropriate; 5. genuine, real; 6. preferable; 7. acting or judging in accordance with truth or fact, etc.
“RIGHTS” (as in Bill of Rights”) - justification; vindication; to do justice to; redress the injuries of; avenge; to adjust or restore to the proper state or condition.

9. There is a discrepancy between “faces” in letter and “fasces” in descriptive sheet.
Weinman could not have misspelled this frequently-used symbolic word – the well-known symbol for ancient Roman unified government, recurring in his

10. The definition for the word “pylon” is:
1) Gateway
2) truncated pyramid or two of these, serving as a gateway to an
Egyptian Temple.
3) Any slender, towering structure, flanking an entranceway supporting
telegraph wires, marking a course in an air race, etc.
This definition, taken from Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary – Eleventh Edition, does not, in any way, match the definition for the tablet upon which the Ten Commandments are inscribed, between “The Majesty of the Law” and “The Power of Government.”

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